P.R.I.S.M(Paranormal Research Investigators of Southern Maine)

prism-4 Contact Name P.R.I.S.M.
Location Hollis Center, Maine
Phone (207) 929-8861
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Website www.prism-me.org
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We are a group of people from different backgrounds that have joined together with a shared passion for the paranormal happenings. We are located in Southern Maine but will travel anywhere in the New England area if possible. If we cannot travel to a location, we will try and help the client locate a reputable team in their area. Our investigations are always free and confidential! We collect data using Hi-Tech Scientific Instruments, Newest Scientific Protocols,and Spiritual means. With an open mind we then try to debunk or explain the perceived paranormal activities.P.R.I.S.M does try to find logical, real world explanations for what might seem unexplainable. Some experiences can be reproduced or explained, but there are those that cannot. When these situations cannot we hope to document and help validate the situation in the name of research. When we cannot find a viable explanation, we try and help the client with information that may hopefully bring them peace of mind. We will not leave the client to try and deal with it alone, they will have us as a resource along with other contacts and information to provide assistance..P.R.I.S.M as stated uses scientific,and spiritual methods on all of its cases. We use our equipment to collect, analyze,and document any paranormal activity that we find. As a group  we feel that the methods stated work for us. We use our scientific methods to present tangible audio/video to our clients, the Spiritual aspect we use to guide us in a Investigation.