Paranormal Detective Society Kentucky

Name: Sara Cochran

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Paranormal Detective Socitey


Eastern Kentucky

We are a young but very well educated group trained by some well know
investigators. Our mission is to help any one who might be
experiencing paranormal activity in their home and/or place of
business. We keep all of our investigations confidential unless the
client gives us permission to release evidence of our investigation.
We don’t charge a fee for the work that is provided. We do everything
in our power to debunk any kind of activity and we do a thorough
research of our investigation before we consider it to be paranormal
of any nature.You can call or email me with the above information or you can also message me on Facebook and I
will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you

Ken Weigand

Ken Weigand

Senior Director / Webmaster at National Paranormal Society
Ken is a graphic designer, web developer and co-founder of One True Paranormal, a para-group in southwest Missouri.
Ken Weigand

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