Paranormal Research an Investigations of Missouri (PRIMO)

Paranormal Research an Investigations of Missouri (PRIMO) Contact Name Jen Kempen
Location High Ridge/Fenton/House Springs, Missouri
Phone (636) 349-4857
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Our group started out at the Jefferson County Library – Northwest Branch in High Ridge Missouri as the Northwest Paranormal Society of Jefferson County Missouri. It was founded by a father and daughter by the names of Vic and Lisa. They wanted to create a group that not only did investigations, but that was also open to the public so that anyone could come in and learn. The group grew and thrived for over 3 years until, in 2012, Jen Kempen took over for Vic and Lisa. The group was renamed, Paranormal Research and Investigations of Missouri (or PRIMO), and we adopted Geist as our mascot (a design by Jen). The meetings continue to take place at the library and we do a presentation each month for the public. PRIMO also continues to serve and help people with our free investigations.


PRIMO’s mission is to provide a public forum for anyone to come in, voice opinions, ask questions and get help. In our investigations we use a mixture of science and spiritual techniques to collect evidence of paranormal activity. Our group is a mixture of people, from complete skeptics and a physics major to sensitives and a hypnotist. This way, we are able to bounce ideas off of each other and give input on our different views on the paranormal.