Paranormal Researchers of Iowa

NPS-Default Contact Name D. Mendenhall
Location Iowa
Phone (515) 419-6736
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Each member brings his or her own unique talent or gift to the team which makes our team a cohesive and unique blend.
Each member is trained in the latest in paranormal equipment. We embrace the use of scientific equipment and are always eager to obtain the latest in gear and work with it.
Our members also take pride in using logic, science and recreation as we are very careful before deeming a location ‘haunted’ or that a location has paranormal activity.
We also do spiritual cleansing and have a team member who is experienced in psychometry.
This team has an extensive knowledge in the paranormal. One of our members teaches paranormal studies at our local community college in the adult education program several times throughout the year.Details:
We provide our services at no charge to our clients, however like all organizations we do accept donations but will never ask a client for one.
We enjoy doing public speaking engagements and lectures have had a very positive response to our presentations that we have done previously.
We bring our equipment to your organization as well as some of our evidence, allowing each member of the audience to draw their own conclusion whether or not they believe in the paranormal.We will travel throughout Iowa and into neighboring states as necessary and able to.
We are completely confidential, taking pride in our professionalism, using a scientific approach and provide our clients with copies of any possible evidence at no charge.