Paranormal Stalkers Florida

NPS-Default Contact Name Ryan Roberge
Location Orlando, Florida
Phone (206) 295-2205
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Dedicated to serving the community and finding answers to the unknown. Professional, courteous and confidential. With open minds we will listen to all claims and reports of paranormal activity. Using
knowledge, our senses, case research and equipment we will attempt to discover, contact and understand any possible haunting. We work with all home owners, business owners and open locations.

Are you afraid of what others might think? Are you worried about what might happen if you tell someone that you are experiencing a haunting? Or do you just have a question but don`t know who to ask? In a recent
poll 71%  said they have had a paranormal or un-explained experience. 1 in 3 Americans believe in ghosts. You are not alone….and the help you may need is just a step away..

Intelligent, residual or poltergeist? Which do you have?

…these are the three types of hauntings…

I. An Intelligent haunting is a haunting in which the afflicting spirit can and will interact and often communicate with the client and/or investigators.

II. A Residual haunting is activity stuck in a “loop”. Playing itself over and over. It does not know you are there. This kind of haunting will occur whether you are there to witness it or not, occurring at the same time and/or day and is the most common type of haunting.

III. A Poltergeist haunting includes activity such as objects moving and disruption of everyday life. Possibly involved around an individual or individuals. More of an entity that means harm or simply just to annoy or create dis-order.