Pareidolia – An Example

Photography – Is it paranormal? An example of Pareidolia

Submitted by Jennifer Oberski


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One of the things that you have to be very careful of as a paranormal investigator is being too quick to call something ghostly, or paranormal, before sitting down to take a closer look at what you may actually have in front of you.


Troy Truth Seekers offers an Introduction to Paranormal Investigation course in partnership with the local cultural center, and we took the last attendees to an investigation at the Overfield Tavern Museum here in Troy, Ohio.  There haven’t been any specific claims of haunting or paranormal activity at the Overfield, and that, coupled with its well documented history and layout, make it the perfect place to run through an investigation for the first time.


One of my favorite pieces at the Overfield is an antique mirror that hangs in the hallway on the first floor.  You can see it above, the picture was taken by one of the Intro to Para-Investigation attendees on our last mock investigation.


Wikipedia has a great article on Pareidolia, and this is a perfect example.  As the mirror in the picture above aged, the silver backing had become damaged, and the shape just happens to be vaguely human, especially when viewed on a three inch lcd screen on the back of a digital camera.

The lesson to take away from this example is to always be aware of your surroundings, take multiple shots of the same area, and don’t be afraid to look at something with your own eyes, instead of from behind the lens.



Jennifer Oberski a member of the Troy Truth Seekers, from Troy, Ohio.