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 Personal Paranormal Contact Name Connie
Location Orlando, FL
Central Florida and surrounding states
Phone 407-256-7811
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Yes, experiencing paranormal events is personal. It affects you personally by boosting anxiety and stress levels… It affects your family and every area of your life! Hello I’m Connie, Case Manager for a Paranormal Team located in Orlando, FL. I personally know what it’s like to experience voices, apparitions, shadows, poltergeist activity, smells, etc. It can boost anxiety and stress levels. If needed, I can refer you to my Paranormal Team for further evaluation. Programs used are: Skype, Yahoo chat, AOL chat, email, or text me personally at 407-256-7811. The chat is FREE, Skype is FREE, and the Investigation is FREE.. We are a full service Team with over 20 years experience, including blessings, cleansings…We’re not happy until you are !