Perspective [per-spek-tiv]: Noun – A technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface

By: Andrew Alvarez

Perspective [per-spek-tiv]: Noun – A technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface.

Ever see one of those pictures where someone is holding up the Leaning Tower of Pizza or squishing the sun with their fingers. What you are seeing is a camera trick playing with perspectives. It’s the same reason we can cover the moon or sun with our hands. Obviously, each one of those objects is larger than our hand but we can block them out with such a small object.
Perspective also plays with shadows. Being in the paranormal field, a lot of our work is inherently done in darkness. We often get claims of shadows. A light source close to a small object can cast a large shadow. This is shown sometimes in a comedic manner in cartoons.

What does this mean to us? As paranormal investigators, we may from time to time also get shown pictures from people and asked to analyze those or get the “what do you see?” question asked of us. Part of the analysis we do should take perspective into account. If we get a claim of “See the figure in the door” yet the supposed figure is perhaps half the size of the door or larger, we know there’s most likely another issue such as pareidolia happening. The face in the mirror that covers the full dresser sized mirror is like caused by a combination of smudges and reflections. The large batman shaped shadow may be from your cat or kitten playing close to a light source.

Keep perspectives in mind when you’re analyzing photos and you’ll find more and more normal causes for the alleged paranormal.

Think, ask questions, analyze and re-create.

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Andrew Alvarez

Andrew Alvarez

Representative - Division 3 at National Paranormal Society
Hello I'm Andrew Alvarez. I'm 34 years old. My interest in the paranormal started at about 8 years old after an experience that happened when my grandfather passed away. I'm a founder and director of the Paranormal Organization of South TX POST. We formed 7 years ago and have been serving the South Texas area since. I am an ordained Christian Minister and am studying demonology and theology. I also plan on learning the art of exorcism. I have a background in website administration, music performance and production (pre and post), web graphics, and some video production. I look forward to working with NPS in contributing my talents and learning from other's talents.
Andrew Alvarez