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sp1Recently, there have been images posted to social media from the International Space Station, ISS. These photos were taken by Astronaut Scott Kelly who has been at the Space Station for almost a year. Kelly is known for taking a large amount of wonderful photos and posting them to social media for the world to see. The images have now been shared so many times that they have made their rounds worldwide through different news outlets and all forms of social media. With the world a buzz about these astounding images and the unexplained object that they caught, I felt an article to go over what is known and what is being said might help some in their research.

The photo was posted on November 15, 2015, Astronaut Kelly posted a photo to his Twitter account that was taken of Southern India at night from the Space Station. In this photo there is an object located in the top right corner of the photo that appears to be unexplained. On November 19, 2015 he also posted a photo to his Twitter account of the sun set beginning to rise up, and a very similar object also appears in the top right of the image.
sp3sp2With NASA and Mr. Kelly yet to make statements as to what the object is, at least 3 theories have been posted through videos and articles. Below is a brief summary of these 3 theories:

Theory A: Alien Spacecraft
It didn’t take long for videos and blogs to come up state that Kelly is trying to drop hints that there are Aliens out there and that these two photos prove it. One alien researcher, Sonofmabarker, said the object “appears to be very large and constructed.” Other statements have also been made that the object is more than 80 feet long and at least 492 feet away from the ISS.

Theory B: Part of the ISS – HDEV equipment
According to NASA a High Definition Earth Viewing System was placed aboard the International Space Station in April of 2014. Some professionals in the field are saying that the image in the photos are a reflection from the window of the HDEV. This HDEV was partly developed by students in the United States and is currently in experimental stages to see how well it can handle the radiation of space while in a temperature controlled housing. It will also help to develop better camera components that can withstand space better while providing clear and clean images.

Theory C: Space Junk
It is well known that, with all of the space travel done from earth, there is a good amount of space debris floating around. A NASA Administrator has openly said there is a good amount of debris in space and that little, to nothing, is being done to take care of it. NASA officials have recently warned that this space debris could cause problems in the future if it isn’t taken care of and can, or has, come close to the International Space Station at times.

I have provided you with three summarizes of the theories currently going around about the amazing images taken by Astronaut Scott Kelly on the International Space Station. What do you believe this object to be? What research would need to be done to prove or disprove these theories? How would you go about using your due diligence to help solve this new mystery?

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