Polaroid Land 95

poloPolaroid Land 95 Manufacturer: Polaroid Date: 1948-1953

This is the first successful instant camera and the Great-Grand Daddy of all Polaroids. It featured a sturdy metal body as found in most 40’s 60’s roll fill model and unlink most plastic bodied future Polaroid cameras.
The film used was 40 series roll film that made 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 prints with 8 shots per roll. I have none to show as it was all discontinued by 1992.

1948-1950: “40” film, the original. Sepia tone and ISO 100.
1950-1959: “41” ISO 100, orthochromatic B&W. The film was prone to fading, so Polaroid kits came with a print coater to fix the print. It wasn’t until the 70’s when B&W could be used without a coater.
The basic concept is the same as all Polaroids–a picture is taken and the film squeezed through rollers that releases developing chemicals. In the last Polaroids it was all one unit and brought us the infamous waiting for a picture to appear from a white background. The earlier pack film cameras had the film/developer manually pulled out as a unit and peeled apart after developing. This was a few steps more complex, as the film came in a roll, the leader was manually cut, and after developing you opened a back door to peel it off the developer.

This was actually more complex than just loading roll film, and so the move to pack film–while affecting quality somewhat as the film was not longer held flat against a pressure plate–was still a good idea.

The lens is a 135mm F/11 3 element glass, with a four speed shutter (minimum of 1/8 and maximum of 1/60) and an M-sync flash connector. The shutter only has an I/B (Interval/Bulb) setting, but from what I can tell does vary with different exposure settings.
Lens: 135mm, f/11, 3-element glass.
Shutter: 4 speed everset rotary-leaf design; 1/8 – 1/60, plus Bulb.
Flash: M-sync via ASA-bayonet post connector.
Exposure set by Light Value scale. (“Polaroid numbers”)
Folding viewfinder, with simple “ball-and-mast” parallax compensation device.
Scale focus, with distance set by arcuate lever.
Has two tripod sockets and cable-release socket.

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