Premonitions – No Ordinary Dream

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Seeing-the-Future-3What is a Premonition?

A premonition is a forewarning of something that is going to happen before it does without having any concrete evidence to support it.

Premonitions can come in many different forms; dreams/nightmares, messages from spirits, intuition (that gut feeling) in the waking state and automatic writing. Premonitions are just another piece of the psychic abilities that everybody has, but not everybody may be in tune to using. Men may call it a “gut feeling” and women call it “intuition” – take your pick, it all adds up to a sixth sense.

The phenomenon of premonition is most often associated with anxiety or an uneasy feeling suggesting impending disaster. Premonitions of plane crashes or murders have been documented throughout the years, even throughout The Bible, however it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It can also be casual and innocent. Knowing that it is Aunt Edna on the other end of the phone even before you pick it up or before un-wrapping your birthday gift knowing that it will be a beautiful white angora scarf.

So YOU Are Having Premonitions?

The most common way to receive premonitions is through your dreams. Most people spend an average of one third of their lives asleep so it isn’t uncommon to have at least one premonition in your life. Dreams give us insight and understanding even when our conscious mind doesn’t. Dreams can also hold message to the future.

So you are experiencing them – so now what?

  • The best thing to do if you are encountering premonitions is not to panic
  • Keep a notepad and pen by your bedside
  • When you wake up in the morning, try to stay in your same position and relax
  • In your mind, drift closer to the dream
  • Do not think of the days activities. Stay close to the dream.
  • Start writing.
  • Document every detail, even the tiniest ones such as colors you saw, numbers that popped up and your feelings that you felt during the dream
  • Symbolism plays a huge role in premonitions. Do not take everything literal. Instead keep an open mind.
  • Date stamp each dream/premonition
  • Talk to your friends or family about it

My Premonitions Came True!

If you witnessed a disaster in your dream and it indeed happens, don’t feel guilty as if you could have stopped it. Remember that you cannot save the world. Premonitions may occur the very next day the vision occurred and yet some may not happen for years later. Or they may never happen.