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Psychological Effects of Narcotics

hedrugNarcotics are a class of drugs which affect mood or behavior. These may be prescribed or illegal. A common example of prescription drugs classified as narcotic include pain killers or sleeping pills. Illegal narcotics include heroin and cocaine. Narcotics in general dull the senses, induce sleep and relieve pain. In excessive doses or in substance abuse, they suppress brain activity, and may result in euphoria, stupor, coma, convulsions, insensibility, even brain damage or death. Narcotics, both prescription and illegal, or “street drugs” are widely abused and have heightened potential for addiction.

While initial use of narcotics may cause the user to feel a reduction of pain and anxiety, even euphoria, continued use may cause a tolerance to build requiring greater and greater amounts of the drug to feel those effects. Regular use of narcotics may cause those feelings to dissipate, though the user will continue to use the drug in attempts to recapture those feelings. Addiction to narcotics is quite difficult to treat successfully. Long-term use is likely to induce temporary or long-term psychological effects, including those described above.

Relevance to National Paranormal Society: Long term euphoria may lead to hallucinations, which have been detailed in several other articles. The person may see, hear, feel, taste or smell things that are not present, and truly believe that their claims are true. This will persist, even if no evidence of these phantom sensations is found. Hallucinations are at times present in seizure activity, which is a potential result of addiction to narcotics.

Lisa Shaner-Hilty

Lisa Shaner-Hilty

I am a supervisor for several programs assisting individuals with intellectual and mental challenges. I have 2 Masters Degrees from Penn State in Communication Disorders and Psychology. My first experiences with the paranormal were around age 5. I’ve been fascinated ever since. I have been an investigator for over 10 years (first 5 years with a team, then leaving to form my own more than 5 years ago, and have taught classes on investigation, evidence analysis (especially EVP) and debunking at local community college. I also have abilities, some of which began at age 5 and others around puberty. Therefore my fields of major interest are investigation and psychic and empath. While I am open to considering all aspect and viewpoints, I am dedicated to seeking natural explanations first before anything is considered evidence.
Lisa Shaner-Hilty

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