R.A.P.S. Michigan

RAPS Contact Name Bradley Luoma
Location Detroit MI
Phone (734) 469-7910
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Website redfordparanormal.wix.com/raps
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Demonic Infestation, Demonic Oppression, Demonic Possession.  We bless, cleanse and will perform rights of Exorcism (worst case scenario’s) for afflicted people.  Trained minister by the A.A.E. with blessings of the Church.  We do NOT Ghost Hunt, we remove the entities out of the home or lives of people.  Our group consists of 5 team
members currently to assist the Minister.  We will work all cases in a 6 state region from Detroit (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan).  We will travel to other states depending on the level of need.  We do NOT condone Psychic’s, Seances, Tarot Cards, Mediums or other Occult falseness.