Red Ball Paranormal

red-ball Contact Name Stephanie Broc-Farrington
Location Port Townsend, Wa.
Phone (360) 385-1398
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We are a local Paranormal Investigation group with a combined experience of over 10 years. We are in tune to the rich history of our community and area.

Description: Our history of this Victorian town has both new and old richness alike flowing down every street and back road. We enjoy researching the history and learning the stories from within. We take those stories and add a paranormal research spin to it. With our investigative equipment, Audio recorders, video and still photos, we go into homes and businesses to search for the spirits of the past that still live in our community with us. We strive to help those being haunted and the spirits themselves trying to communicate with our world. With our modern tools and old fashion instinct, we hope to answer questions for those seeking answers.