Remedies for protection while in sleep

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by Jose Prado

The following are Remedies I’ve collected from different Witches for Protection in Sleep and averting insomnia. The following are spells, recipes, and Spell Devices used to help you sleep at night or ward off evil spells or spirits sent your way.

Find a Dream Catcher and either use it alone or charge it with Sea Salt, Mugwort, and Mistletoe, grind them using a mortor and pestle into a powder and add the paste to the dream Catcher. You can chant :

“Evil dreams go away, it’s not what it seems, go far away, be removed from my sight allow me at least one good night.”

The powder I just prescribed is for warding off evil spirits who try to go inside your dreams. Another thing you can say is an English protection prayer developed by Christian Witches for Restful Sleep it’s usually used by children now a days because adults find it silly but it does block evil spirits.

It’s “From Ghosties and Ghillies and longed legged beasties and all that goes bump in the night good lord deliver us.” I also would add “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I am protected! Amen”

Another Christian Witch protection prayer from Germany is used for warding off Demon Witches (Hags) known as Mares or Maras the prayer reads thusly :

“I lay me here to sleep; No night-mare shall plague me, Until they swim all the waters That flow upon the earth, And count all the stars That appear in the sky!

Thus help me God Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen!”

Another technique used both by German Witches and Hoodoo Conjure men/women is the practice of keeping scissors under your pillow with the open points facing the headboard. No evil spirit can touch you as long as that is there, and it is also said to protect against spells cast on you by your enemy.

Also, placing a cup of water you blessed with your prayers with either Salt or Cascarilla (egg shell powder) under your bed directly beneath the place where you lay your head or even on the headboard itself will ward off evil and if you ask for it in prayer when blessing the water, will ward off bad dreams. But you need to throw the water out and start fresh the next night.

Alternatively you can do this with a basin of water under your bed. Then we have the following Charm bag.

Nightmare Cure Sachet

1 part Lupine 1 part Helenium (Heliotrope or Sunflower) 1 part Marshmallow 1 part Dock 1 part Elder 1 part Wormwood 1 part Strawberry leaves 1 part Yew berries*

Tie up in light blue or white cloth. Hang on bedpost near your head. This ancient formula also cures “water elf disease”, as well as mischief caused by goblins.