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The Abyss by  alexiuss,

The Abyss by alexiuss,

“When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you,” once you gaze into the world of the paranormal it suddenly notices you as well ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

For newbies and first time investigators into the Paranormal there is always an impatient desire to witness a true unexplainable moment of supernatural perplexity. This insatiable curiosity, while at the core of being human, drives so many to ask: what is the best way to witness and capture these events? Eager minds search for teams to join, invest in expensive equipment and look forward, with great zeal, for their chance to dabble in the unknown. But instead of asking how, many need to consider a more meaningful question: do I really want to see what’s on the other side?

For many, tormented or already living with the paranormal, it’s not a choice and never was. Speak with them candidly and you’ll find a mix of those who are just as grateful as you will those that wish they could just turn it off once and for all. But for thrill-seekers who want to have a paranormal experience, many are all too willing to throw caution to the wind all in the name of occult adventure. But just as Friedrich Nietzsche’s infamous quote warns, “When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you,” once you gaze into the world of the paranormal it suddenly notices you as well.

If you (like me) are someone who never was traumatized or gifted with the paranormal, you really don’t realize what you’re getting yourself into. “Rounding the corner” as I call it, and moving past that state of not noticing and not being noticed, places you and your loved ones into a plane of both intrigue and danger. In my extensive travels and networking with several teams and specialists I noted the same 3 types of individuals within the paranormal groups. Group 1 are those who have been traumatized by a paranormal event, often affecting them and their entire family several years ago, who now want to understand and confront their own personal fears. You can say what you want, but I think these folks are pretty fearless. Group 2 are those that claim to be sensitive or have gifts within the realm of the paranormal. They often seek to explore and further their own personal education of the unknown, sometimes helping others along the way. While this group is very important there are, unfortunately, some posers that damage the reputation of the entire group instead of just the individual. Finally there is the third group, regular people (whether they are the average Joe or a legitimate scientist) who have never been a victim, witness or bear any gifts within the realm. This 3rd group, in my opinion, is the fastest growing within the field and the one with the least experience to prepare for what can happen after rounding the corner. Now, to be clear, I’m not saying anyone from the 3rd group shouldn’t pursue their interest, but if you’re in that group you need to recognize the repercussions of what can happen to you and your loved ones. While there is a long list of potential negative affects I’ll keep it very short and break it down into the basics of the physical, mental and the spiritual.

Physical ailments can range from the simple symptoms of an assault (pinch, slap, blow, scratch) that normally are brief and bear no long lasting marks, to something that may attach itself to you, causing disease and serious long lasting health effects. Many investigators report a loss of energy and general feeling of lethargy that may be isolated to just themselves or may spread throughout their entire household. Throw on top the environmental risks associated with stumbling around old buildings (asbestos, mold, etc.) and you have serious potential risks to your physical health.

Mental instability after witnessing a paranormal encounter is rarely talked about but it’s a topic worth considering. It’s one thing to see a single apparition/manifestation or disembodied voice after attending dozens of paranormal investigations (alas, your prize has been found!). It’s another if you’re visiting a friend and suddenly you witness a 8 ft. tall negative entity manifest in their living room and turn its head to look directly at you (Yes, I see you too!) Or find that the disembodied voice now comes just before bedtime when your house is quiet and a symphony of different voices start begging, “Help me!” over and over again. It’s fantastic and rare to witness and capture these types of events on an investigation, but it’s far more frightening when they start to creep in on your everyday Life.

The last, and perhaps most worthy consideration, is the possible damage to one’s spirituality. Christian, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, Atheist… doesn’t really matter when you step around the corner and enter the paranormal realm. For many, moments of the unexplained can be a beautiful reconfirmation of their own personal beliefs. Others find their faith tested and lacking. Nothing is more damaging than a loss of one’s faith…….This can be the start of a downward spiral. For some it’s merely a speed bump before they are back to normal. For others, it can be a dark pit of depression and oppression by the negative.

I’m very grateful that the last few years have resulted in many proactive groups and individuals speaking out on the risks of investigating the paranormal. It was something never touched upon when I started to actively investigate with my own team and working with different groups many years ago. The purpose of this article isn’t to dissuade those who want to start investigating, but rather inform them so they can realize that there are risks. Several years ago, I worked with a man who was studying to be a demonologist. He has been studying for several years and would be best described as professional, polite, sharp and studious. One day I asked him if he had any concerns for himself with his own interest and education into the realm of the paranormal. He thought about for a few seconds and said” No, I’ve always been very strong spiritually and I hope and pray that I can continue to keep a positive mindset if I ever encounter something threatening or harmful. I feel like I can take care of myself.” I nodded my head in admiration at a well-crafted answer. He stood there for a moment, contemplating before he added, “But that dark man that keeps waking my 3 year daughter old up at night. Yeah, that bothers me.”

Be careful what you ask for……… might just get it~


Ken Weigand

Ken Weigand

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