Russell Hotel, The Rocks


The Rocks, Sydney Australia is actually the birthplace of that country. It is where prisoners were sent to live from Great Britain. Of course, over the years, it has become a bustling city full of history and charm.

What was called a “Moveable Hospital for His Majesty’s Distant Possessions” was originally built here in July of 1790. Then the Rum Hospital was established in 1816, so the portable hospital was removed from the site.

Between 1820-1835, Samuel Terry built shops and houses here. What had originally started as a house and shop in 1845, became a public house called the Patent Ship Inn, and was run by Robert Whitemore, in 1853. From 1858-1870, John Gallagher was the owner. The Patent Ship Inn was torn down and a new hotel called the Port Jackson Hotel was built.

Tooth and Company became the new owners in 1900 and W. Russell became the licensee. They also bought the property at the rear of the hotel and enlarged it from 1910-1920. In 1981, it was restored and became a small hotel that included personal touches to make it more like the original hotel.

Maybe because the Russell Hotel started as a sailor’s hostel, there have been reports of people seeing a a ghostly looking sailor standing around Room #8. He doesn’t seem to be in a hurry and will even stand still and look directly at people.

Employees of the hotel have reported hearing what sounds like walking and floors creaking. But, when they go to investigate, they can never find a reason for the strange sounds.

While there are many things to see and do in the beautiful city of Sidney, if you are able to go to this spectacular part of the world, make sure to stay at the Russell Hotel. You might just see the old sailor of yesteryear.



Deb Daniel Jansons

Deb Daniel Jansons

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