Saint James (Brantley) Hotel

101200 Water Ave.
Selma, AL 36701
Phone:(334) 872-3234
Opening as The Brantley in 1837, the Saint James Hotel overlooks the Alabama River in the center of downtown Selma. Selm has a history not only of the riots for voting, but also as a very important foothold for the Confederate Army during the Civil War however most of the town was burned by the Union Soldiers during the Selma Battle. The hotel and a few other buildings were spared.

After the war this hotel was operated by Benjamin Sterling Turner,(the first African American ever elected to the United States Congress). It is said the hotel was host to outlaw brothers Frank and Jesse James in 1881.
In 1892, the hotel fell upon hard times and ceased operations.
For a century the doors remained closed however a group of investors purchased the old building and officially reopen the doors of the establishment in 1997 as the St. James Hotel.

Paranormal Activity –
Legend states that two of the most reported “hauntings” in the hotel include Jesse James and his girlfriend Lucinda. Employees and guests alike claim to have seen the apparition of a man dressed in attire that was common for a man in the late 1800s. He is most often seen in the rooms in which he typically stayed – rooms 214, 314, and 315.
several witnesses have observed what appears to be residual hauntings of individuals who are fully clothed in dress that were common to the 1800s. They seem unaware of the “living” surrounding them.
Additionally, the sounds of apparent ghost dogs can be heard in the area. Jessie James, some have said, once owned a black dog that was his companion for many years. Many guests at the St. James have reported hearing a dog running up and down the halls.
Source – Strange Alabama