Scientific method with EVPs


Now this one is going to be the expensive one. I know you saying how that can be all I need is a digital recorder. Wrong that a start the second thing you need to pick up is a decimal reader it will let you know if the sounds is coming from the area of the recorder or not also help with debunking as well as tagging which is also a good tool don’t ever stop tagging ever. But I digress back on topic this are not the only tool you need but at least it is a start. So with tagging and a decimal reader all that tell you is everything in the imitate environment but one thing the biggest thing that most scientist try to say they are is radio waves also now as radio frequencies.

Now there is a tool to check for this is EMF-829 is used for broadband devices of monitoring the wide range radio frequency electromagnetic field Measurement V/m, mW/cm^2, W/m^2. Monitoring electromagnetic field, for example: cell-phone station, hospital equipment, radar, micro-wave oven, radiation work, TV antenna, Radio station, welding setting value. Equipment, baking- equipment, television, computer, factory, laboratory, and other environment…etc. For precision measurement consideration, the meter Accuracy ± 2 dB. There are included two probes : Probe Type EP-01H : 100 MHz to 3 GHz. EP-02L ( Low frequency Probe, 100 KHz to 100 MHz ) EP-01H ( High frequency Probe, 100 MHz to 3 GHz ) know it runs a lot more than $500 dollars. But running this with everything can rule out more and more but can only be run at the same time as all the other equipment. Know doing all that and filming it all at the same time you are documenting and proving your evp instead of forcing the proof

The next part is analyzing the sounds you have to brake the sound apart lessen to it at all levels a sound board will help now I know that is expensive but there are ways to get it done but we are still talking dollars but the more and further you go the more reliable the evidence is. That is what we all are going for the truth and the truth will set us free for lack of a better pun.

Aurthur Mclelland

Aurthur Mclelland

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I have always been questioning the paranormal since I was a kid. Having lived all across America and in several countries overseas, I have heard story after story of this place or that place being haunted, and my curiosity always got the better of me. Always looking and seeing things I could not explain, my eye opener was when I was twenty and seeing a full body apparition standing in front of me made me more curious of what actually happens to us when we pass on. I aim to find the truth of what is out there. When I am not finding the truth I am usually taking care of officer business or fencing in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.). Aurthur is also President (for business only) Chase Manger, director of Cheyenne Mountain Paranormal Investigations, co-owner of Front Range Ghost Shop and also severs 16 years army and has been Medical Retired. Having been station in places like Iraq, Korea, Fort Hood TX, Aberdeen Maryland, Fort Irwin CA and Fort Riley KS just to name a few this hole time caring what ever equipment he could care doing investigation on his time off in all thous places trying to learn what he could and how to be a better investigator. always learning on how to do thing better.
Aurthur Mclelland

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