What is scientific method


sci·en·tif·ic meth·od (noun)

a method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.

This is what we all learned in any science class. The steep we need to take when try to prove anything.

  • Ask a Question
  • Do Background Research
  • Construct a Hypothesis
  • Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
  • Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
  • Communicate Your Results

So let go over thesis one at a time. Ask a question, for most of us that question is ask it why we do what we do to explain what we saw or what happen to us. Even is there answers out there. So we all move on to the second one do background research. Will their lies the biggest problem all we have for background is ghost hunting T.V. shows with people calming to be experts but even they don’t follow the first rule of science which is fallowing the basic this list. Three construct a hypothesis and that is what we all are doing is what I caught real or do I need to learn more. We all need to learn more even me but the simple hypothesis is what we are hunting casino online is real. Know come the hard one testing your hypothesis. We all have some or part of the equipment need the biggest item is pen and paper writhing down everything I will threw out the week let you know about more but that the biggest. Now analyze your data and draw a conclusion. The best way for this is build excel fillies that can help correlate data I will try to show how to do this threw out the week? Then communicate your results this is the hardest for a lot of us basically sharing everything and I mean everything from evidence to locations. It nice if you got a place to hunt but if we are not sharing then no one will ever take us as seriously about anything. The best way to put it if you found the cure for cancer would you keep it to yourself if so then it not a cure.

Aurthur Mclelland

Aurthur Mclelland

Alt Asst Director / Chair: Tech at Cheyenne Mountain Paranormal Investigations
I have always been questioning the paranormal since I was a kid. Having lived all across America and in several countries overseas, I have heard story after story of this place or that place being haunted, and my curiosity always got the better of me. Always looking and seeing things I could not explain, my eye opener was when I was twenty and seeing a full body apparition standing in front of me made me more curious of what actually happens to us when we pass on. I aim to find the truth of what is out there. When I am not finding the truth I am usually taking care of officer business or fencing in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.). Aurthur is also President (for business only) Chase Manger, director of Cheyenne Mountain Paranormal Investigations, co-owner of Front Range Ghost Shop and also severs 16 years army and has been Medical Retired. Having been station in places like Iraq, Korea, Fort Hood TX, Aberdeen Maryland, Fort Irwin CA and Fort Riley KS just to name a few this hole time caring what ever equipment he could care doing investigation on his time off in all thous places trying to learn what he could and how to be a better investigator. always learning on how to do thing better.
Aurthur Mclelland

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