Sea Monk

by Virginia Carraway Stark

The descriptions of the Sea Monk vary vastly from person to person and from era to era.

It was first reported by the Danes in the 1500’s and the descriptions evolved to something that looked like a cross between a banana and a human or something that could have been a shark, a walrus, a sea ray or nearly anything else that was reported by what would appear to be frequently inebriated people. It is sometimes described as having legs and sometimes as having a tail.

Some people have taken the legend much further claiming that they are magicians of the ocean that help to direct the growth of coral reefs and to control other aspects of oceanic life. These claims do nothing to increase the validity of the concept of the Sea Monk in the legitimate scientific communities eyes.

There has never been any legitimate pictures or sightings by groups of people which seems to suggest that the sea monk is likely a specter born of the imagination. No bodies have ever washed ashore and the further claims that they somehow have supernatural powers over the ocean sound more like folk tales than like traditionally proven cryptid sightings (like the gorilla). The stories that tell of them make them more magical than mortal creatures and this seemsVirginia Carraway Stark's photo. to put them in the realm of legend.

The only connection to valid cryptology that the Sea Monk has is the possibility that it is actually connected to the Sea Bishop.

The Sea Bishop was allegedly captured by Polish sailors in the 16th century and was shown to a group of Catholic Priests. The Sea Bishop is said to have made the sign of the cross and fell before the priests and begged for its life. The priests ordered it released as which time it oncVirginia Carraway Stark's photo.e more made the sign of the cross and disappeared into the waves.

Another Sea Bishop was brought to Germany in 1531 and refused all food that it was offered and starved to death.

Whatever the case with this old story, the Sea Bishop and Monk are highly elusive but the depths of the ocean hide many cryptids. While there is little proof that these sorts of Mermen exist at all it is go
od to remember that nearly every deep sea mission that has ever been made has discovered at least one new species. While there is less evidence of these dramatic criptids that most they cannot be fully ruled out until we have thoroughly explored the depths of our ocean world.