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Sharp J-SH04 is a mobile phone which was created by Sharp Corporation and released by J-Phone in November 2000. At that time, this mobile phone was only available in Japan and it became the Japan’s first ever phone which was equipped with a built-in camera. This camera had a 110.000 pixels resolution and a 256 colors display so you can get excellent photo result.

It was not the first mobile phone with a built-in camera in the world because Samsung had also released a mobile phone, called Samsung SCH-V200 in several months earlier in South Korea. This Samsung’s mobile phone was equipped with a VGA (Video Graphics Array) camera.

Sharp J-SH04 is able to save up to 500 phone numbers and it is compatible with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) card. It uses a dual band to support its performance. This 127 x 39 x 17 mm product which is available in silver color has a 74 grams weight. This mobile phone is able to save last 20 incoming calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls.

This Japan’s first camera mobile phone which uses a directional pad is supported by a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery which is able to survive up to 310 hours in standby mode and up to 2 hours in talking mode. For its price, it was sold for USD 500 in 2000 and for the time being you might get difficulty to find this product again.


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