Some activities that convinces us our location is haunted.


We have covered everything from Indian burial grounds to deep research on a location these past few days, and now we want to look at a ton ten lost I have compiled of what it is which occurs that gives us no choice (or so we think) to declare a location haunted.

#10 you’ve felt somebody tap on your shoulder when nobody is there.

How many of us can confirm that we have at least once had this sensation? It isn’t something that often happens, but we can all agree here at N.P.S. (most of us for argument’s sake) that we have walked into a home or a location where something invisible has tapped us on the shoulder. This is mostly a personal experience and can’t be presented as scientific proof, but rather … personal.

#9 furniture has rearranged itself

Y’know … it’s most likely not happening. There are hardcore theorists who will throw down hands o’er this and then there are people like me who kind of know better. It’s safe to say it’s really unlikely you will come upon a box spring hovering three feet in the air.

#8 People have died in the house and/or location.

This is not a truth. It’s widely believed that is somebody has died at a location, and then it must be haunted. Most homes have seen death or tragedy in some form or another and will not have any activity whatsoever that is considered as a ‘haunting.’

#7 you hear strange sounds more commonly during certain seasons.

Again, don’t believe it. Wood, steel and other material shrinking or expanding may be the cause of the bumps in the night (especially during the fall, or spring seasons.)

#6 you suddenly smell the perfume of a loved one.

Just like the sensation of the shoulder tapping, the presence of a possible haunting is as simple as smelling perfume of a loved one whom has since passed. People have also smelled cigarette or cigar smoke in a home where nobody smokes. These instances could very well be a great reason to believe there is a haunting.

#5 you had a frightening experience in a basement, attic, or crawl space.

Reports of frightening experiences taking place in a home are also mostly based around confining and dark locations such as attics, basements, crawl spaces, and closets. This can be attributed to our own human psychological fear of dark and constrictive spaces.

#4 doors slam unaccountably.

Although at 3 A.M. this may scare the living bejesus out of you, it can be easily explained. Our houses sometimes have an air flow (a draft) and the wind can cause a door to slam shut. Just because a door is slamming shut, don’t assume quickly that it’s paranormal. Take the time to see if you can’t find the reason behind it. Most strange encounters can be explained if you take the time.

#3 electronic devices start operating by themselves.

People have had televisions turn themselves on and off. Here’s some logical reasoning behind that: There could be a set “wake-up” timer someone accidentally set. The remote batteries are low and this can sometimes cause it to turn ‘on’ or ‘off.’ The power button on the remote is stuck. A fluorescent lamp inside the same room as the TV is blinking red and causing a sensitive infrared remote sensor to turn the set on and off. (Logic before assumption)

#2 sometimes you hear music from an unknown source.

This has actually happened to me before. There is a medical explanation; a condition known as audible halucinosis could be considered, but here’s an average Joe explanation for you. I continually heard music throughout my house and had searched all over. I nearly gave up when suddenly I walked into my son’s room to find he had accidentally left his laptop on and music was coming through the headphones.

#1 all my pictures I take inside my home have orbs in them.

Unless your orbs look different than the many provided charts of dust, weather, bugs, you only caught something explainable. All the time we are faced with various photographs containing orbs; the person revealing them is pretty convinced because they might have experienced some personal encounters such as the scents or perhaps a sensation of being poked.

Proving something as paranormal is not easy business. It’s easier to disprove the situation, but what we really want is that smoking gun. We want to come out with the extraordinary proof that can’t be discarded as just another explainable blunder.