By: Christopher Rogue Ostrowski


The Soucouyant has its origins in The Caribbean. It is believed to be a Vampire Witch.

A Witch is said to have made a deal or “Pact” with a Demon named Bazil that lived in a Silk Cotton tree. The witch will start to bring blood of the victims for the demon in exchange for Evil Magic Powers.
Upon the Witch’s death, the Witch will then become a Soucouyant.

The Soucouyant is Shape Shifter. During the day it will appear as an old woman, very reclusive. When night falls, She will remove her skin and place it a mortar. In her true form, she appears as a fire ball the streaks across the sky looking for victims. Once a victim is found, the Soucouyant can squeeze through any crack, keyhole or crevice.

The Soucouyant sucks blood from soft parts, arms, and legs of the victims. This leaves a Blackish-blue mark in the morning. If it drains too much blood, the victim will die and become a Socouyant itself or die completely. Then the Soucouyant can use its victim’s skin.

To expose a Soucouyant, one can place a heap of rice at crossroad. The Soucouyant will feel compelled to count every grain of it. It is said to pile the rice high. If the Soucouyant can’t get back into her skin by sunrise, she will die. Also, if you can find her skin and throw salt on it, she can’t put it back on.

To protect your home, place salt at the door and an upside down broom.


Image Credit: Leda_d / Shutterstock-MAY 7, 2013-Soucouyants: A Different Kind Of Vampire-by Gerard LeBlond
Christopher Rogue Ostrowski's photo.