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Honey Island Swamp Monster

Sasquatch? Skunk Ape? Is the Honey Island Swamp Monster a Louisiana version of the two? It seems the description is the same…Large(7ft tall) Bipedal creature with silvery hair and red glowing eyes…it also is accompanied by a strong smell of sulfur or a rotten egg smell, much like the Skunk Ape of Southern Georgia and Florida.

The first known encounters of the creature were in 1963 when a wildlife photographer allegedly took super 8mm film of the creature…but does the film exist? Several footprints in the area of the Honey Island Swamp Monster have been found on the 1960’s and 1970’s. Is it dangerous? It has been to blame for wild boar deaths and other wildlife in the local area, but to humans? That is unkown.

A popular local legend says an escaped chimpanzee interbred with an alligator. Is it half primate half alligator? Who knows, but if you have any information, please let us know.

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In the heavily forested, mountains and coal mines of West Virginia and Virginia lives the legend of the Sheepsquatch.

What is it? Three basic descriptions are universal…white to yellowish hair, Quadra pedal and it has a set of horns on its head. It is also very large, weighing several hundred pounds and is accompanied by a

smell of sulfur. Some accounts say it has claws of a raccoon and a tail of an opossum. Basically if you watched Star Wars when Luke woke up in the Ice Cave…the monster that came in looks similar to the Sheepsquatch.

Although generaly not thought of as a threat to humans…it can be unnerving if spotted, one account has it attacking a car.

Look for the Sheepsquatch in these counties: Boone, Kanawha, Putnam, and Mason…as they have

the most sightings since the 1990’s.


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Ted Milam

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