Southern Paranormal Research Society – Alabama Division

Southern Paranormal Research Society - Alabama Division Contact Name Rita Strugala
Location Scottsboro, Alabama
Phone (912) 322-9665
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SPRS is a group of paranormal investigators who started out in Northern Alabama over a decade ago, and are still going strong. We also have our “sister” group St.Marys, Georgia. In this way we can help twice as many people we could help with just the one group. We investigate homes, businesses, cemeteries, historical sites, and service  the North Alabama area, as well as southern Georgia, and northeast Florida!WE NEVER CHARGE FOR INVESTIGATIONS

Each member of our group has their own unique talents, and each has their own personal experiences of encounters they’ve had. All OF US share one thing in common. . . we are ALL passionate about the study of paranormal activity…Our over all purpose is to research claims of the paranormal and gain a higher understanding, in order to help others understand what is going on in their homes and businesses. The knowledge we gain working on every single case, assures us that we can help more people. We analyze all data collected and then present you with our findings and opinions. We do have a medium on staff and can do house cleansing.

If you need our help, or know of someone who feels they may need our help, please contact us for a confidential interview today.