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Southwest Cryptids


The Chupacabra…what is it? It has been in the news, again, recently. It is thought to originate in Puerto Rico where the name Chupacabra literally translates to “Goat Sucker”. Many Central and South American Countries have various legends of the Chupacabra, but it became famous in South West Texas with reports of a hairless canine like creature with large jaws and bright blue eyes. Ranchers have discovered, mostly chickens, their livestock dead and drained of blood. Is it the work of the Chupacabra? Although it appears not to be a threat to humans, Ranchers have loaded guns and are waiting for the Chupacabra to attack their livestock. Not only is it not a direct threat to humans, but it is very shy and hides from humans.

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The Thunderbird, a Native American legend most notably in Arizona. The next time you are in Southern California and South Western Arizona…you will notice large Vultures circling. Are they Condors? Or are they Pterosaurs? I think a lot of people witness these creatures and subconsciously dismiss them as Turkey Vultures not realizing they are actually looking at a Pterosaurs. Pterosaurs are very large, with wingspans over 20ft+. Some have been witnessed to be as large as a Cessna airplane. Native American tribes hold the Thunderbird in high regard, with an almost god like status…they are almost always on top of totem poles. Is the Thunderbird a Pterosaurs? I think it is highly likely in the Cryptid field.

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Ted Milam

Ted Milam

Ted grew up in Maryland and spent his early years near Antietam Battlefield, where he witnessed a few unexplained things as a young kid. When Ted graduated high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps, and spent 10 years on active duty traveling the United States and quite a few Countries along the way. After a paranormal experience while serving in Japan, Ted knew he had to find out some answers. After leaving the Marines in 2002, Ted was hired as a Firefighter in the San Diego area, where he spent the next 6 years. In 2008, he went to Iraq as a contractor for a year, then in 2009, moved to Georgia where he works today as a Firefighter in the Savannah area. Ted founded Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations – Savannah, in 2010. Ted’s goal is to find some common answers in the paranormal field.
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