Spiritual Blessings

spiritual-blessings-heaven-gate-subliminalThe spiritual blessings of working in communication with your intuition in the form of God, Goddess, Creator, your own spirit, angels, spiritual guides, etc. are many and varied. They range from simple everyday matters, such as finding your lost keys and parking places where you need them, to miracles of healing, or exceptionally peaceful passing over to the other side. Blessings are often offered in the form of prayer or ritual, depending upon beliefs. It is said that blessings are as beneficial to the giver as the receiver.

Blessings are asked at beginnings and endings, and at many points in between. Indeed, any time we feel a situation or a person needs the benefit of divine providence, we ask for blessing. This is how we normally understand a blessing in our culture. It’s an invocation of the presence and power of the sacred upon a person’s life or upon the function of an object.

The term blessing translated means “to speak well on”. Generally we bless ourselves, as upon entering a church in certain religions; others throughout the day, even strangers and perhaps silently – not just for sneezes! We also offer/request blessings on our meals. Often people go to their spiritual leader for blessings on their marriage, their new home, religious items, etc.

A blessing can be anytime we wish to make a deeper connection with the life (and lives) around us. As much as it is an invocation, it’s also an act of discovering the part of us that moves in harmony on the dance floor of creation. In fact, the art of blessing is not only about the act of blessing but about an attitude towards the world, a way of seeing things that goes beyond our ordinary perceptions.

In the context of NPS, blessings of varying forms are offered prior to an investigation (asking for protection), during (for a potentially “stuck” spirit to cross over), as well as following (asking for peace for the client and protection after interaction with spirit). Clients may wish to have their home and its inhabitants blessed following activity by their pastor or other qualified person. It is important when offering a blessing within a client’s home that their belief system be respected, or permission to use that of the team, if any.


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