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spiritualSpiritual centering is a foundational principle of manifestation. A true spiritual practice evokes spiritual centering, perhaps in a time of meditation, attunement or prayer. The daily application of the practice maintains spiritual centering while engaging in the activities of life. Spiritual centering is the simplest and most foundational of principles. It is the consistent practice of it throughout life that brings fulfillment. Neglect of the practice dissipates the experience of life. Centering is believed to bring more life current to your body and spirit.

The principles of manifestation are the principles that create the magic of life. For a person who harmonizes with those principles, the energy of the universe that is within all creation flows freely in their experience, according to David Karchere. These are the principles that bring the manifestation of life, and life more abundantly, in and through a person and in the creative field that surrounds that person. When these principles are not followed, the universal energy goes nowhere. It is not flowing creatively for the people involved.

The manifestation of life on earth relies on the already-existing energy of the universe. We as human beings don’t have to make that up; it’s already there. We are not making our heart beat, and we are not consciously orchestrating many of the other vital processes that are going on within us. That is all happening because of the universal energy that is at work. There is power within all creation. There is an intelligent pattern to the manifestation of life. There is both intelligence and power at work in the principles of manifestation. Using other words for the same realities, there is both truth and love.

Centering is done prior to grounding, which is covered in a separate article. Take time to turn your attention to the intelligent power within you; stop obsessing in thought and emotion about what is happening to you. Invite peace. Invite the possible. When you do, you will immediately notice that there is a new flow in your thoughts and your emotions. They begin to entertain the creative possibility of what could happen. They begin to paint the world of your observation with a vision of beauty. This change in orientation is the process of spiritual centering. As human beings, we are designed to be centered.

Methods of Centering:
Many feel that spiritual centering consists of the personal philosophy of life. A spiritual centering should include the five principles of love, peace, truth, strength and joy. If we live with wisdom according to these five principles, we grow into happiness, into enlightenment, into a life in the light (in God, in fulfillment).

The easiest way of spiritual centering is the daily reading in a spiritual book or internet. We must not read much. A small text, a meditation a day, is enough to keep us on the path to lasting happiness. For many people a daily oracle card is helpful to get a positive outlook on life. For this we need each day just a minute. In that short time, which we all can spare in a daily, long term gain may be immeasurable.

Some center using physical activity in which they are able to clear their mind and spirit of negative energy and draw in positive energy and life force. Yoga, meditation, diet, and working on one’s mental status – both from within and without, by eliminating negative stimulus, relationships, etc.

Others center by directing spiritual energy toward your personal center or core, whether you feel this is your third eye, heart, or solar plexus chakra. Draw upon your energies, inhale deeply, then release any negative or unproductive energy as you exhale deeply. Finally, visualize yourself balancing on a beam of light. Stand straight and tall with arms outstretched. Feel yourself swaying until you come to a perfect point of balance on the beam of Light.

In short, there are several methods which prove effective in centering one’s spiritual being. You simply need to try different methods until you find the method with which you are comfortable. Many use centering in combination with grounding and shielding as spiritual protection when investigating. Similarly persons with psychic, empathic, and other abilities use these techniques for the same reason. Shielding will be discussed in another article.


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Lisa Shaner-Hilty

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