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special-chakra-training-226x300What is spiritual cleansing? It is a type of healing – not a medical treatment for any physical, emotional or mental ailment, but an energetic healing that involves cleansing a person’s energy of negativity. Spiritual cleansing can also be used to release negative energy from a physical location, according to Silva Method Life. This will be covered in the latter half of this article.

How important is a spiritual cleansing? Think of yourself as an energetic being instead of a physical being; your energy can be polluted with negativity, which creates a very chaotic energy field that cannot be focused on what you desire. If you’ve ever been happily immersed in doing something you love, you know how important focused energy is. But if your mind is racing with worries, you cannot focus your energy on creating the life you want. More importantly, other people will be affected by your energy. Many believe that by cleansing your spirit of negative energy, positive people and situations will come into your life. Cleansing must be done in a positive spirit. It will not be effective if you are angry.

Cleansing generally consists of cleaning your living area of clutter, as well as meditation and visualization. Silva Method reminds us that the state of your home reflects the state of your spirit. If it is dirty, clean it. If it is cluttered, get rid of anything that you don’t use regularly or that no longer brings you joy. If things are in disrepair or broken, fix or get rid of them. This will help cleanse your own energy, leaving you feeling lighter and cleaner energetically. Lighten the load – give away anything you don’t use or that holds no meaning for you and do a thorough cleaning. This will automatically raise the energetic vibration of the room, as well as yours.

If you are familiar with meditation, follow your usual routine; if you’re new to meditation, use one of the exercises found online or in related literature to enter the meditative state; the Centering Exercise is a good one to put you in the right frame of mind for spiritual cleansing. As you meditate, visualize pure, white light and unconditional love emanating from your heart and filling every cell in your body; then outward to every part of the room you’re in; your entire home; your town; your country; your planet; solar system; galaxy; universe…

Visualize the light and love in your heart filling every ‘dark’ space in your energy. Just as a single candle lights up a dark room, the more light you introduce, the less negative energy or ‘darkness’ will remain. Allow light and love to flood your entire being. Feel the light and love replace all negativity. Next, visualize what you want in life. Visualize yourself doing, being and having what you desire and give no thought whatsoever to any negativity in your life. Allow light and love to replace the negativity. Focus on what you want, and only on what you want. Anytime you give thought energy to the situation you’re trying to escape, you are polluting your energy.

Source: Silva Method Life


Spiritual research has revealed that most houses around the world have some form of negative vibrations. These negative vibrations can be due to a number of reasons such as: the people in the premises, whether they are doing spiritual practice; psychological profile of the residents; purpose for which the premises are being used; type of construction, cleanliness of the house, the items in the house and their placement, etc.; land on which the house has been built, as well as the surrounding area. It is felt that negative energy attracts ghosts, departed ancestors or former residents, more negative energies, demons, etc. This information is according to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. Cleansing homes has been in practice for centuries, practices by Native Americans, Chinese, Medieval Europeans, to name a few. Cleansings are used at any time from moving into a new home, to having a bad run of luck, suspected paranormal activity, after ill ness or heartbreak, again to name a few.

Similar to cleansing of your spirit, the first step to cleansing your home to free it of dirt and clutter. Next open your windows and doors, including closets, cabinet, microwave and traditional ovens, etc. Walk throughout the house in a counterclockwise direction, starting either at the bottom and working your way up. A wide variety of methods may be used including burning incense which may be from various woods or herbs (each has a specific purpose), using sea salt, oils and/ or holy water, candles and prayers, sage smudging, St. Michael, sounds, or even spells. The method you choose should reflect your personal beliefs. An array of cleansing and smudging kits are available on line or in specialty shops. Some follow this banishment of the negative with burning sweet grass, as one example, to bring up the positive energy. Many also finally perform a binding ceremony to keep the energy from returning or following participants home. A prayer of protection may also be included.

Source: Spiritual Coach

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Lisa Shaner-Hilty

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