Spiritual Shielding

shiedThe spiritual practice of building such an energy field around oneself and strengthening it regularly is called Shielding. A shield is a protective covering around an individual. Spiritual shields are invisible energy fields which safeguard an individual from external negativities and harm. They also act as containers to hold and prevent the loss of important energies from his/her system.

In these turbulent times, there exists a decisive battle between light and dark. The practice of shielding protects an individual from the influence of dark forces and helps him/her to evolve spiritually. Particularly persons who possess and utilize psychic gifts/abilities, and those who investigate paranormal phenomenon which hold the potential to be negative, shielding is needed to protect body, mind, and spirit. An empath, for example, may have a particularly difficult time in crowded areas, such as malls, hospitals, etc. due to the energy and physical/psychic pain of those sharing the area. Similarly, should a psychic or empath participate in a paranormal investigation, it is vital to shield oneself from a negative entity interfering with or spiritually attacking them.

The basic function of a shield is to protect the individual from any external harm or negative effect. This negative effect arrives in the form of energies which enter an individual and disrupt his health and well- being, potentially creating dangerous situations in the individual’s life. They can pervert his thinking/perception and influence his interaction with others. Most importantly, they can weaken the positive energies and faculties inside his system. They can influence and divert his attention away from spiritual growth and evolution.

How does shielding work? The Shield forms a layer around the individual. With regular strengthening, the individual will be surrounded by a protective covering of Light. A strong shield around the individual acts as a barrier for such harmful energies. If the shield is strengthened regularly, it does not allow any negativity to enter and influence the individual in any of the above ways. People with psychic powers can read others’ minds and gather information about the person. A shield around us prevents such mind-readings done by others.

For the individuals who are not spiritually advanced, the shield usually repels the negative energies, even purely dark energies. If the negative energy is very strong, then the shield will not be able to stop everything, and the individual will be affected. These individuals must strengthen their shield and strive for spiritual growth and healing to reverse this effect.

For spiritually advanced individuals, the shield works by both repelling and absorbing the negative energies. In cases where a negative energy is sent consciously to harm an individual, the shield absorbs it for a period of time and then, at an appropriate time, rebounds the dark energies back to the attacker.
In certain cases, the shield just absorbs the negativity. It accepts the core aspect of the negative energy and then dissipates or transmutes that energy. Shields protect us not just at the physical but also at the astral levels. They safeguard our astral bodies from attacks at that level. A strong shield acts like a magnet and attracts positive light and energies which are required for the physical and astral bodies.

If we harbor negative thoughts, emotions or actions, they can weaken and even destroy our shields. So, transcending our weaknesses and negativities is as important as strengthening the shields around us.

The shields that are used regularly must also be strengthened regularly. If one is lax in this practice, the shield gets weakened over a period of time. Also practicing wrong spiritual techniques can weaken the shields. When an individual receives very strong energies, if he/she is not able to handle it, the shield can break.

How to form and maintain a Shield: The easiest and most efficient way to build a shield and strengthen it is to be regular in meditations. A dedicated effort at spiritual growth creates a shield automatically and also keeps it vibrant and strong. And when we relate to Light all the time and be aware of its presence in our system, this Light itself acts as a shield—protecting, guiding and nurturing us.

According to Vishwa Amara, one of the most effective ways to build and maintain a shield is to take the help of Light as follows:
Sit cross legged on a mat facing North
Imagine that you are inside a Blue globe of Light, of any size with which you are comfortable.
Pray to this Blue Light and also to Lord Hanuman, for protection and positivity.
Experience this Light for 3 minutes.

Not comfortable with this type of activity? Another method involves consciously thinking of this shield for a minute whenever we go out of our homes. Some invoke protection from St. Michael the Archangel, asking for prayers of protection from a religious or spiritual community. Still others use spells or incantations. Amulets may be used as well. Visualization of spheres, globes or grids of protection seem to be a prevalent method, used along with meditation. Again, finding the method that fits with your comfort and belief system is the one that will work for you. Shielding is used for protection in combination with Grounding and Centering, each covered in individual articles.


Lisa Shaner-Hilty

Lisa Shaner-Hilty

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