Stigmatized Property

police-line-stigmatized-propertiesStigmatized Property:

Stigmatized property is a property where the property may be less desirable to a buyer or tenant that is unrelated to its physical condition.

A list of what is considered stigmatized property is as follows:

Criminal Activity – Most states require that criminal activity be disclosed. This would include drug dealing and prostitution.

Debt – Some states require past debts be disclosed so that the buyer can be aware of possible harassing calls or visits from past owners creditors.

Murder/Suicide – Some states require that any murder or suicides on the property be disclosed to the buyers.

Phenomena – Hauntings, ghosts, poltergeist, and any other unexplained events which could affect the value must be disclosed.

There are other things that could stigmatize a property such as serious illness and known sex offenders in the area.

The duty to disclose stigmatized property varies state by state. Checking with a real estate professional, or attorney of the state in which you are considering buying the property is the best course of action.

If the state you are purchasing does not require the seller to disclose stigmatized property, conducting your own research into the property would be the next course of action.…/duty-to-disclose-selling-stigma…

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