Stilt Walkers of Central British Columbia

g1by Virginia Carraway Stark

The stilt walkers of central British Columbia are a little known piece of cryptozoology. There have been relatively few sightings of them but those who have encountered them rarely forget them. They are said to go after livestock and poultry and while there are no reports of them attacking humans, they are said to be fearless of people and to be comfortable going up to human habitations if the mood strikes them.

They are very tall, 6-8 feet. Most of their height is in their long, goat-like legs. There faces are also slightly goaty but they walk upright and their eyes are oriented on the front of their heads like a predator.  They are barrel chested and have a loud, baritone call that they make, witnesses describe it as somewhere between the call of a bull moose and the scream of a grizzly bear. Normally such rare cryptozoological cases fade into history but the stilt walker captured my interest when I had a first hand encounter with one.

I had a few friends over for the night and I was living near Mara Lake, British Columbia in a trailer that was at the front of a large cornfield. It was winter and the field was covered in about three feet of snow when the stilt walker came.


It was very late at night and everyone had gone to bed when I heard loud footsteps outside of the bay window.

Thinking it was a bear or some other nocturnal rambler I turned on a few lights to scare it off. I didn’t see it then, it was dark and all I saw was a white shape sink down into the shadows. Two red eyes reflected at me in the darkness and I was struck by the fact that they were oriented in the front to face me and by the distance apart they were. They were five to six inches apart. I realized that whatever was out there was very large.

I didn’t feel much like going to bed and I woke up the others and told them there was something outside, something big. I didn’t have to work very hard to convince them as we were all startled by a bellowing roar that shook the windows. Instinctively we all got down as low as we could. There was a horrible smell, like rotten meat and sewer that was coming through the wall of the trailer.

g2We heard footsteps move in the snow outside and then something pushing up against the side of the trailer. It was rocking the trailer on its foundation!

I ran to the kitchen and turned off the light. Whatever it was, the light hadn’t frightened it away and I had the feeling that I didn’t want it to see us anymore than it already had. It walked around to the back of the trailer and we could hear it shoving and battling against the metal siding. It reversed and came back so that we could see its outline against the snow. It had been crouched down but it stood up in front of the window and made it’s frightening howling noise again. It had tiny little forearms and was covered in shaggy white fur. It states directly through the window and none of us moved or even breathed.

It dropped back down low and walked on its hind legs but was sometimes so low that it would use its arms to balance along the snow. It was very tall, when it stood up it was about as tall as the bay window. I would guess about seven feet or a bit taller.

He terrorized us all night until just before down when he walked across the snow covered field and back into the mountains.

After it was full light out we went out and looked for tracks. There were a lot of them but they were smaller than you would think for a monster that size. They were shaped more like horse hooves than cloven goat hooves and there was only one bipedal set of them rather than two from a regular animal.

The only close neighbor was an older man with poor hearing who had slept through the night without incident. There was little damage to the trailer, only a few pieces of siding that needed to be reattached. The animals I had were upset but unhurt the next day and there was little hard evidence of the terrifying ordeal.