This month’s installment of cryptids is about the stoor statueStorsjöodjuret; or the “Great-Lake Monster” is a lake monster reported to live in the 300-foot-deep (91 m) lake Storsjön in Jämtland in the middle ofSweden. The lake monster was first reported in 1635 and is the only one of its kind in Sweden. When the only city located by Storsjön, Östersund, celebrated its 200 year anniversary in 1986 Storsjöodjuret along with its offspring and nest became protected bylaw, a law which was revoked in 2005.
Storsjöodjuret is described as a serpentine or aquatic reptile with fins across its back and the head of a dog. It is reported to measure approximately six meters long, and some accounts describe it as having several humps. stoorsCommon interest in the creature was sparked first in the 1890s. After several sightings, an enterprise of locals was founded to catch the monster, even drawing the support from kingOscar II. Since then hundreds of monster sightings have been made. No scientific results have been made, but the supporters have never lost their faith.

In August 2008 a group of filmers claimed to have captured Storsjöodjuret on film. The cameras showed red so it was somethingendothermic that was filmed

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Eddie Boyce

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