T.O.P.I.C (Tecumseh Oklahoma Paranormal Investigation Committee)

NPS-Default Contact Name Shawn Harlan
Location Tecumseh,OK
Phone (405) 598-8435
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Specialties I Shawn Harlan am a founding member of TOPIC and also Assistant Director of B.P.I.S and  State Director of U.P.I, I have been investigating for about 7 years as a group, my first paranormal experience happened when I was very young around 7 years old, we lived in a house in California that was inhabited by a poltergeist. I have investigated several hundred cemeteries, several homes, several businesses, an abandoned hospital several times,a nursing home, a theatre, an antique store, and a courthouse/jail! I am also a member of N.O.D.A.P.S and Paranormal Shadows, I enjoy investigating and teaching younger and/or less experienced investigators what I have learned and experienced, as well as learning more myself!