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NPS-Default Contact Name Robert Veach
Location Yorkville IL. 60560
Phone (630) 553-8697
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Website www.vparanormal.com
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Vparanormal™ is a Chicago area paranormal investigation group fueled by passion and dedication to taking paranormal science to higher levels of credibility. Our team consists of electrical engineers, software engineers, audio engineers and forensic videographers.Vparanormal™ takes a completely scientific and unbiased approach to paranormal investigations using state-of-the-art technology and our deep engineering knowledge. Some of our equipment is custom designed and not available anywhere else. Some of our analysis methods are proprietary.Vparanormal™ produces professional video documentation after each investigation to document the results. Vparanormal™ is the only paranormal investigation unit in the world using 3D anaglyph pictures and video to further enhance the analysis phase of an investigation.

Vparanormal™ is available to investigate unexplained activity and may be contacted to discuss your specific situation or to make guest TV and radio show appearances.