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Day 2: Alien Abductions


Everyone and there dog has heard at least one ” i got abducted by aliens!” tale in their life, if i hasn’t happened yet if will soon. Alien Abductions can sound funny, but most of the time if you actually listen to the stories whether or not the people were ‘actually’ abducted or not they experienced something traumatizing. Anyone who does paranormal research based around Aliens and UFO’s has heard of the Betty and Barney Hill case and how it was the first case in which the victims were able to describe their abductors, who would later become known as the Greys. With all the supposed abductions cases and reports, one has to ask why do they, after traveling all that way, come here just to poke around in someone? what is the purpose for it all?

Day 2 Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alien_abduction