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Day 3: Alien Technology


We’ve all probably watched those sci-fi movies were little green men or some other alien race uses laser or some other type of technological marvel against us or showed off how technologically superior they were to us. the truth is no one completely know how advanced they are. what is know is that aliens have technology that is very advanced and hard if not impossible to understand how it works.the most well know piece of alien tech is the UFO or Unidentified Flying Object, from what is know it serves as a combination of means of transport and acts like a mobile science lab. they have appeared in a multitude of different shapes from orbs, disks to eggs, and triangles to arrowheads. from reports they are usually accompanied by bright lights and make little to no noise. some reports even say that they posses a means of pulling objects and people up to it. despite the many witness accounts over the decades, most government and military employees are tasked with denying the sightings or explaining such things as ‘swamp gas’ or ‘weather balloons’.

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