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Saline memorial Hospital

q3Saline memorial Hospital
1 Medical Park Dr.
Benton, AR 72015
(501) 776-6000
There seems to be a lot of paranormal activity located on the sixth floor of this medical facility.The smell of foul odors and doors slamming upon their own will. Water drips from the ceiling and cries can be heard from rooms not occupied.

Opossum Walk Cemetery

q2Opossum Walk Cemetery
Coal Hill
Johnson County
Opossum Walk Cemetery is reported to have gates that are hot to the touch, even in the cold of winter. Witnesses have heard footsteps walking behind them and seen apparitions out of the corner of their eye. It is said
You can hear whispering and grunting. Witnesses say you can see glimpses out of the corner of your eye of someone standing there looking straight at you, but when you turn to see who it is, there is no one there.
Earliest internment is 1874.

Liberty Baptist Cemetery

q1Liberty Baptist Cemetery
1099 N Maple St.
Searcy, AR 72143
Though now owned by Liberty Baptist Church this cemetery has been known to be haunted long before this congregation formed. There have been reports of Strange lights and an apparition of an elderly woman in a rocking chair in the upstairs window of the church have been reported. There is also a spirit of a young lady woman killed nearby in the early 1900’s that has also has been seen along with the apparition of a small boy that has appeared in photographs taken of the cemetery.

The 1884 Bridgeford House

v1Arkansas – The 1884 Bridgeford House
263 Spring S.
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Phone:(479) 253-7853
This home has a listing in the library of congress as a haunted location and is on record as stating they have two spirits in residence.
Library of congrss ref:http://catdir.loc.gov/catdir/toc/ecip041/2003005399.html

The Empress Hotel

bb1Arkansas – The Empress Hotel
2120 S Louisiana St
Little Rock, AR 72206
Phone:(501) 374-7966

Little Rock’s The Empress is a Luxury Hotel and Bed and Breakfast which has had numerous recorded sightings by the owners. The owners also host a haunted little Rick tour for guests of the inn.




The Queen Anne House Bed & Breakfast

aa1Arkansas – The Queen Anne House Bed & Breakfast
610 W. Central Ave.
Harrison, AR 72601
Phone:(870) 365-0888

In an Arkansas town in Boone County,the Queen Anne House is a restored two story Victorian Home now serving as a
Bed and Breakfast. It is nestled in the Ozark Mountains, only blocks from the historic town square
and has had reports from guests of being visited by those from another realm. Feelings ranging from someone standing beside
you to odd knockings throughout the residence have been reported by numerous guests.




King Opera House

KingOpera Address 427 Main Street
Van Buren, Arkansas  72956
Phone (479) 474-2426
Email email
Website www.vanburen.org/attractions/king-opera-house/
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Allen House

allenhouse Address 705 North Main
Monticello, Arkansas 71655
Phone (870) 224-2271
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Website www.allenhousetours.com
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St. Francis County Museum

stfrancisco Address 603 Front Street
Forrest City, Arkansas 72335
Phone (870) 261-1744
Email email
Website www.arkansas.com/attractions/detail.aspx?id=18674
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ArkTrek Paranormal Society – APS

APS Contact Name APS
Location Northwest Arkansas
Phone (479) 553-9254
Email email
Website arktrek.com
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Paranormal Research and Analysis – Exploration

East Arkansas Paranormal Group

EAPG Contact Name East Arkansas Paranormal Group
Location Forest City, Arkansas
Phone (870) 270-0479
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We carfully analyze every picture or voice recording before we submit anything. We use up to date and good quality products on each and every investigation.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa

1886 Crescent Hotel And Spa Address 75 Prospect Ave.
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
Phone (855) 725-5720
Email email
Website www.crescenthotel.com
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Monroe County Court House

Court House Address 123 Madison St.
Clarendon, Arkansas 72029
Phone (870) 747-3921
Website monroecounty.arkansas.gov/
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Back Woods Paranormal

NPS-Default Contact Name Jenn Page
Location Pottsville, Arkansas
Phone (601) 896-5236
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We do all types of investigations  but in a 100 mile stretch  only. Please contact us anytime for more info.

Ghost Scene Investigations

GSI Contact Name April Flynn
Location Pottsville, Arkansas
Phone (501) 593-9013
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We do all types of investigations  but in a 100 mile stretch  only. Please contact us anytime for more info.

Arklahoma Paranormal Research Team

Arklahoma Paranormal Research Team Contact Name LeAnn Jones
Location Booneville, Arkansas
Phone (479) 849-6628
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Research, Investigation, Counseling

Stranger Than Fiction Paranormal

NPS-Default Contact Name Ryan Altom
Location Batesville, Arkansas
Phone 870-613-6993
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Ghost S.H.I.P.S.(Shannon Hills Investigative Paranormal Services)

Ghost S.H.I.P.S.(Shannon Hills Investigative Paranormal Services) Contact Name Kevin T Venable
Location Arkansas
Phone (870) 613-6993
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We are a ghost hunting & paranormal research team located in central Arkansas, specializing in paranormal investigation and urban exploration( no u.f.o’s!!!)searching for the truth scientifically & spiritually. We never charge a fee(not now, not ever!!!)

Central Arkansas Paranormal Society

Central Arkansas Paranormal Society Contact Name Monica King
Location Cabot, Arkansas
Phone (501) 425-5958
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Website centralarkansasparanormalsociety.com
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SpiritsMy Name is Monica King and I began C.A.P.S. Central Arkansas Paranormal Society in May of 2005. We are a non-profit organization based mainly in central Arkansas. We conduct our investigations in a professional manner. We have spent the last few years studying, investigating and researching the paranormal. We use all the standard equipment for our investigations. Our goals are to document paranormal activity to help those who have been tormented by it either emotionally and/or physically. We will do our best to determine the kind of activity that is present and help to reduce or eliminate it.  We also investigate and experiment at allegedly haunted places (not homes) to document paranormal phenomena for visual and audible evidence. We take strong measures to refute all evidence before claiming it to be paranormal. We charge no fees to our clients nor do we charge dues to our members. It is each member’s responsibility to provide their own equipment and transportation. We welcome guests who would like to come along if there is enough room where we’re investigating. The only requirement is to share all photos, videos,
and audio recordings with the group.

We do cleansings and Blessings using the Native American Indian technique and usually use White Sage or sage and braided Sweetgrass along with prayer.  We also study Demonology but feel this area of expertise is better suited for a Demonologist or Catholic Priest.

Eureka Springs Paranormal Arkansas

NPS-Default Contact Name Sue Goldberg
Location Cabot, Arkansas
Phone (479) 244-0511
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Arkansas State Paranormal

arkansas paranormal Contact Name Hillary Trickey
Location Arkansas
Phone 501-606-4086
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Investigate reports of paranormal activity in residences, businesses, historical sites, and more.

MoSo Ghost Hunters Missouri


 MoSo Ghost Hunters Contact Name
Location  Missouri Southern State University, Joplin, MO
Phone  417-413-3877
Email email
Website  mosoghost.webs.com
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