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The Minhocao “Big Earth Worm”

The Minhocao “Big Earth Worm”
By: Tamara Ortiz

The Minhocao, which means big earth worm in Portuguese, this creature is said to reside in the forest of South America. You will find a few descriptions of the Minhocao but the most common description of the creature resembles a giant worm or serpent like creature with black skin, a mouth full of teeth that cannot be missed and a pair tentacles that come from its head. There are some sightings that claim the Minhocao also hasa pig like snout.

The Minhocao is said to be a burrowing animal and leaves enormous trenches and holes in the earth in its wake. From reported sightings of the Minhocao and investigations of the suspected trenches and holes from the creature suggest a length of 75 to 150 feet with a body diameter up 15 feet. There have been many alleged occurrence where the Minhocao has been blamed for houses and manmade sutures caving in and rivers have had their courses altered. These occurrences will happen after a very heavy rain, suggesting that the Minhocao prefers to travel during or after these rains because the earth is made softer for them to move easily through.

Cryptozoologist Karl Shuker has a theory that the Minhocao is of the giant caecilian family, the description of the Minhocao fits this theory but the reported size of the Minhocao is much larger than the description of the giant caecilian. Bernard Heuvelmans who was known for being a scientist, explorer and research suggested that these creatures were surviving glyptodont. (Glyptodon was a large, armored mammal of the subfamily Glyptodontidae, which lived during the Pleistocene epoch.)

There are many theories surrounding the Minhocao regarding its origin and its habitat. If you ever find yourself deep in the forest of South America and it happens to be raining you may want to keep your eye out for this allusive creature for it is said the Minhocao
can swallow a man whole…but of course this is just legend or is it.

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Tamara Mariposa Oscura Ortiz's photo.