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Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase UK

g1Black-Eyed Children (or Black-Eyed Kids) is an urban legend of supposed paranormal creatures that resemble children between the ages of 6 and 16, with pale white skin and black eyes, who are reportedly seen hitchhiking or panhandling, or are encountered on doorsteps of residential homes. Tales of black-eyed children have appeared in pop culture since the late 1980s.

In a British Newspaper The Daily Mail, dated October 3rd 2014, Paranormal experts have reported a rise in the sightings of Black Eyed Children, its reported that the terrifying spectre of a Black Eyed Child has returned to Cannock Chase in Staffordshire England, after an abstinence of 30 Years, and has literally struck terror into the local people, so much so that Following the headlines, many of the nearby residents have been so scared that they have considered selling up and leaving Cannock.

The story of the return of this Black eyed spirit has also sparked a number of other locals to make public their fear. Many posted online about how they’ve been left too scared to leave their homes at night, just in case they cross paths with the demonic spirit.

The latest descriptions of the girl given by several independent eyewitnesses, was of a very young female possibly 6 to 10 years of age, who has eyes as black as coal. These descriptions are identical to those chronicled in the early 1980s, where a woman heard a scream and upon responding found a small child wandering aimlessly, when asked if she had been the one screaming the child turned round and the woman was faced with a child who had eyes of black, the child promptly ran away into woodland, such was the disbelief by the witness that she called the police and the local police conducted a hunt for what they believed was a child out alone on the Chase, at the time no one had any reason to believe that anything paranormal was going on. It was only after many more reports that interest in this phenomena was sparked.

Another disturbing revelation is that unlike sightings of these Children in other parts of the world that take place at night, the Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase, has been seen consistently during the day.

g2According to one leading psychic from the UK who claims to have not only come face to face with this spectre but to have caught photographic evidence, states that the child was the victim of a diphtheria outbreak in the 1800s. They claim the trouble spirit could be one of many buried in an unmarked grave after perishing in a workhouse. The Psychic also had an explanation for the child’s eyes of black, she commented “The eyes are for effect. These children have a story and they want it told.”

Another Ghost expert who is famous for appearing on TV shows led a team through the woods to where he says he felt the most intense paranormal presence, once at the spot he picked up on two names that of a young 7 year old named Christine (or Christina) and another female named Alicestina, but he was unable to say as to whether at the time if either of these youngsters had black eyes.

In 1967 the body of 7 year old Christine Darby was founded dumped on Cannock Chase less than a mile from where the expert felt compelled to stop.

The Ghost expert strongly believed that the sightings of this Black eyed girl may be connected to the murdered child Christine. He Stated: “I had a very negative feeling when we were up there and I think it is linked. The names I’ve come out with are too coincidental not to be connected.

Another statement from this expert in explanation of the black eyes was: “It’s also common for ghosts with black eyes to have been blindfolded or had their sight restricted shortly before their death.

He went on to say: “The feeling I got there makes me think there could be more bodies up there too.”
He also sensed that a medieval village had existed right where we he was standing, and that he believed that some form of burial ground connected to witchcraft may be there and was likely to have been linked with the young girl Alicestina that he had picked up on.

The notorious Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase has very quickly become an internet sensation, and belief in ghosts and the supernatural is definitely on the rise in Britain. However if this phenomena is real or not a satisfactory conclusion I feel is a long way off.