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Jacksonvilles Researcher Investigating the Paranormal (RIP Team)

 Jacksonvilles Researcher Investigating the Paranormal (RIP Team) Contact Name  Lori Gaunder
Location  Jacksonville, FL
North and Central Florida and Southern Georgia
Phone  904-378-3217
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Website  jprs-rip.com
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R . I . P. is a not-for-profit paranormal group lead by team owner Lori Gaunder. The team is located in Jacksonville, Florida and focuses our investigations mainly around Florida and South Georgia. R . I . P. is a paranormal group that was designed to research and investigate the paranormal in a scientific manner. We are dedicated in documenting paranormal phenomenon such as a haunting, poltergeists, apparitions, shadows, E.V.P(electronic voice phenomenon) and other claims of the paranormal. We are an open-minded group, and try to think outside the box and are open to different approaches. We have been featured on a local paranormal show and as well as Syfy’s Fact or Faked. This team does NOT practice in provoking spirits. We have complete respect for the non living.
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Blood Moon Paranormal

 Bloodmoon Paranormal Contact Name Connie Meckes
Location Orlando, FL
Central Florida
Phone 407-256-7811
Email email
Website  bloodmoonparanormal.yolasite.com
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We’re a new Team, but each Team Member has experienced most everything paranormal. We offer free Investigations, Blessings, Cleansings, and will find answers for you. We also use Skype and Face-Time.
Let us help by giving us a call or email. What do you have to loose except stress !

The Beyond Investigators

Contact Name Guillermo Fournier
Location Central Florida
Phone (407) 683-8203
Email email
Website www.thebeyondinvestigators.com
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