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Texas Department of Paranormal Research

Texas Department of Paranormal Research Contact Name Amanda Wilson
Location East Texas
Phone (903) 373-3681
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Website texasdeptofparanormalreaserch.weebly.com
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Hello, I am Amanda, the founder and head investigator of the Texas Department of Paranormal Research. We are a professional paranormal investigation team that includes a medium and an ordained priest with 20+ years of experience. All of our services are always completely FREE of charge.  We are able to perform cleansings, blessings and in extreme cases exorcisms.  We are heavily involved within the paranormal community and believe wholeheartedly in para unity.  Please give us consideration as we would love to be a part of the National
Paranormal Society.  Thank you.

Ghost Seekers Realm

NPS-Default Contact Name  Paul Kelly
Location Mount Vernon, WA
Phone (360) 421-4012
Email email
Website ghostseekersrealm.org
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EVP capture and analysis, historical and genealogical research, cleansing of negative energies.

Friends of the Other Side

friendsoftheotherside Contact Name Jennifer Hoeft
Location Arizona
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Website www.friendsoftheotherside.org
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Communication with the world of spirit via paranormal equipment as well as by utilizing the psychic skills of members. We are able to help home/business owners by teaching/modeling/assisting them in completing processes to cleanse and bless their space.

Final Dimension Paranormal Texas

Final Dimension Paranormal


Susan Wallner

Team, organization, or location name
Final Dimension Paranormal



Victoria, Texas

Have taught classes on paranormal subjects, attend paranormal
conferences to further our education, perform cleansings and blessings
and provide after investigation counseling to our clients.