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Siskiyou County Psychics, Collectibles and Media

  Contact Name Jennifer Cromwelle White Feather
Location Questa, NM
NM and Southwestern USA
Phone (575) 776 – 3141
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Specializing in Psychometry, Pendulum, Cold, Criminal and Missing Persons Cases. Can and will do Haunted Locations and Readings upon request only. All requests must be Legitimate. We do not accept fake request calls or contacts. All readings are 90% +/- Accuracy. Psychic Author, Actress and Radio Personality.

Rev Robyne Marie

NPS-Default Contact Name Rev Robyne Marie
Location Pennsylvania
Phone (781) 866-3435
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Website www.revrobynemarie.com
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Medium, paranormal researcher, lecturer, teacher of various topics of paranormal phenomena and Psi development, non-denominational and spiritual Ministry services, police cases, cold cases, and missing