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Paranormal Research Initiative

 NPS-Default Contact Name Daphne Fowler
Location St. Louis, Missouri
Strictly Research
Phone 314-442-0482
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We are People who are not afraid of the tedious and mundane, who have their own theories concerning the workings of the paranormal and want to research them. You must be a critical thinker, not afraid of the
scientific method, peer scrutiny of investigative processes and theories and able to function independently AND as a team member. There is no “Leader” we discuss our objectives and projects and agree together on what to pursue. The end goal is to create 1 maybe 2 databases, the 1st populated with data from the paranormal
investigative community the 2nd from the world at large containing the facts surrounding their encounters with the afterlife. These databases can then be used as a tool to find correlations to identify patterns in paranormal manifestations.