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Phantom Seekers

 phantom-seekers Contact Name Dana Clark
Location Dallas
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Phantom Seekers is the premier hub for everything ghost related. They cover in detail some of the most notorious ghost stories and legends. Phantom Seekers is prominently known as the swiss-army knife of the ghost industry. They host their own Ghost Bus Tours, Ghost Tours and will even provide free paranormal consultation. They are one of the larger ghost research firms in the Texas region. They house a large number of experience paranormal investigators. Phantom Seekers mission is to inform the public of reliable information that will help them better understand and connect with the paranormal.

You can also reach us at: http://phantomseekers.blogspot.com/ and https://phantomseekers.wordpress.com/

Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park

Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park Address 1515 S. Harwood
Dallas, Texas 75215
Phone (214) 421-5141
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Website www.DallasHeritageVillage.org
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