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We are a paranormal group founded by a group of ladies. We are very active in the paranormal field. We do free investigations to help people. We do try to debunk any problems you are having and help people understand that the paranormal doesn’t always have to be a scary thing. We also do cleansings.  We are willing to travel.

Day 3 – Reflections


We have all done it at one time or another – we have been on an investigation, snapped some pictures and gotten back to review them only to find that there are unexplainable lights and even faces showing up in our photos. I’m not talking about the lights from the room or outside, or the faces showing up in dorbs, but more reflections. To truly process these photographs from the researcher and investigator’s eyes we MUST begin with debunking first – find an explanation for these appearances and when we can’t, THEN turn to the thought that it might be something of a paranormal nature.

First, take a look at your surroundings. Your camera’s flash can reflect off of different surfaces and not always glass or metallic surfaces either. Several things can come into play such as moon light, bugs flying around, clouds, parts of another building and other factors. Make sure you are taking note of your surroundings. Someone with coins or keys in their pocket through a light fabric could cause a light reflection – pay attention!

Second, never take a picture pointed towards a mirror, glass or window. This should be a given but still we do it. Mirrors can reflect not only the flash of the camera but can provide a false positive of even a shadow from that one flash reflecting off the mirror and back at you. The same holds true for glass displays, glasses, and the like. If you are taking pictures of windows, note the outside plants and trees because even though you are inside, there is moon light OUTSIDE that could cause you to develop some sense of pareidolia and make you think you caught an apparition. Do you think you see a face in a window? Chances are it is either light reflecting off a tree or plant, light reflecting off a dirty surface or light reflecting from another surface in the area. Debunk it ALL before even thinking it could be paranormal nature! Surely you are following the 1-2-3 rule with photography and snapping three pictures of everything so that you can compare them. Look at the other two pictures you took as well as your walk through pictures during the broad daylight to really get an idea of what could have reflected in your picture causing you to see what you see. If you can rule out everything explainable, THEN you have a case for something to be looked at further with a paranormal thought.

A great site that shows reflections off common items is this one:http://www.etherealthoughts.com/gpage46.html. Here you can see lots of examples of how things reflect light – some you would think of, some you would not. I encourage you to check it out.

Want to take your photography a step further and learn how to use polarizing filters in your photography to diffuse reflections?

This link will take you to a tutorial where polarizing filters are discussed and explains how the filters help.

Another topic to learn about with reflections is metering and exposure. This link will help explain that further: http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tuto…/camera-metering.htm

Read how to diffuse reflective surfaces for photography here:http://www.adorama.com/…/Double-Diffusion-Lighting-is…

A great read for everyone on this subject and yesterday’s subject of orbs is here on The Paranormal Network: http://mindreader.com/…/the…/ghosts-photos-and-orbs/