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Feb 04

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Feb 28

Poltergeist hauntings versus Demonic hauntings

Kelly Timmons

Kelly Timmons

My name is Kelly Timmons. I am 35 and from Montreal, Canada. I have had an insatiable curiosity for all things paranormal since a young age. I have been actively searching for answers and for the truth in all things paranormal.
Kelly Timmons

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poltergeist-haunting-122013zzThe word poltergeist comes from the German words “noisy spirits”, although poltergeists are not actual spirits. Poltergeist activity centers around an individual and is believed to be caused by the sub-conscious mind of that individual. It is in effect the sub-conscious release of psychic energy that are triggered when the individual is under extreme emotional, psychological or/ and physical stress.

A poltergeist haunting is very chaotic and very noisy. Which because of this can often be mistaken for a demonic haunting. Some of the symptoms of a poltergeist haunting are similar to demonic infestation. There are however differences between the two.

Some signs of poltergeist activity:

  • Disappearing objects : objects are moved or vanish (including heavy objects)
  • Objects levitating or thrown
  • Knocking
  • Violent banging on walls or doors, etc
  • Electrical interference
  • Footsteps
  • Physical attacks ( scratches, bruising,, being pushed, punched, etc..)
  • Doors opening and closing
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Voices ( include growling, snarls)

Now let’s take a look of some sign of demonic infestation:

  • Banging (often in groups of 3’s)
  • Knocks ( often in groups of 3’s)
  • Footsteps
  • Destroying of religious objects
  • Activity violently increases during prayer
  • Foul odors ( sulfur, feces, rotting flesh, urine)
  • Violent physical attacks
  • Nightmares
  • Depression
  • Objects moved or thrown (including heavy objects)
  • Apparitions
  • Voices
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Mood swings ( with no medical explanations)

As you can see there are many similarities between a poltergeist haunting and demonic infestation. On the other hand, there are many differences also. In a poltergeist haunting apparitions are never seen, but in cases of demonic infestation many have reported seeing apparitions of creatures and of shadow-men. Poltergeist simply cause chaos and there is no strategy or pattern to the chaos that they cause. Demons however, always have a plan, a strategy and always have an end result in mind.