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Animal Research & Investigation of the Paranormal

 NPS-Default Contact Name  John Buerge
Location  Wheat Ridge, CO
Metro Denver CO Area
Phone  720-328-8849
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House investigations, Demonologist and psychic on team of 4 investigators, a photographer, and tech guy

Anomaly Research & Investigations of the Paranormal

 NPS-Default Contact Name  John Buerge
Location  Wheat Ridge, CO
Denver metro area
Phone  (720) 353-8967
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Website  aripdenver.org
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We investigate residential only. We have a exorcism investigator (Demonologist) on the team.

Hopkins County Paranormal Society

Hopkins County Paranormal Society Contact Name Bill Payne or Jessica Clark
Location Dawson Springs & Dixon, Kentucky
All of Western KY and a little further (contact to see if we cover your area), Indiana and Tennessee
Phone (270) 871-4626 / (270) 318-0376
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Website  hopkinscountyparanormalsociety.com
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Hopkins County Paranormal Society is a non-profit organization educated to assisting those whom believe they are experiencing paranormal activity. HCPS conduct thorough investigations using old school tactics and using utd equipment. Our team specializes in all
hauntings including demonic hauntings.
Our Lead and co-lead investigators both have completed their demonology courses under Bishop Long. Our lead investigator is also ordained and is currently studying Angelology.
We have conducted and assisted multiple exorcisms within our 10 years. We have the education behind us to know all the signs of a TRUE demonic haunting and all signs of oppression and possession. We know the correct and the SAFE way to conduct these cases for all involved and we approach these differently than a normal investigation.
We offer FREE home cleansings/blessings after every investigation (if the client wishes) and we also offer baptisms if the client wishes to have that done as well.
Our co-lead investigator is a professional psychic medium. Jes was born with her abilities but she also attended Zenith School of Metaphysical Science to learn more about her abilities. She was mentored by Mrs. Laura T. Evans. Jes is Certified in Psychic Medium
Development and also helps train and work with others with their abilities. She does do walk throughs of our locations and at times, does readings for our clients if spirit insists. She does offer private readings including psychic, medium, pendulum, and tarot. She does private in home walk throughs and cleansing and blessings separately from the team.
HCPS does NOT use Ouija boards, conduct seances, etc.
Hopkins County Paranormal Society is 100% FREE and confidential. If you have any questions or would like to book a investigation, please feel free to contact us today!Other Social Media Site: m.soundcloud.com/hopkinscountyparanormals

Richard Contreras Texas


Name:  Richard Contreras – Mystic One-Stop Paranormal LLC

Location:  Dallas

Email:  rcontreras3237@gmail.com

Phone:  972 859 0196


Southern Paranormal Investigations Texas

Southern Paranormal Investigations


Name:  Southern Paranormal Investigations

Location:  South Texas

Website:  http://www.spi-texas.org/

Email:  jhanson@spi-texas.org