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Dec 17

Mystery Group LLC

Contact Name James
Location Virginia
Phone (804) 761 4345
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Paranormal Investigations, Demonology, Exorcisms

Oct 23

Ghoststalkers P.R.S

Ghoststalkers Contact Name Tim Byrd
Location Lowndes, Missouri
Phone (573) 321-4130
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We are a husband/wife team,with 25 years in the paranormal field.  My husband is a empath.  I am a sensitive. Tim (husband ) is a ordained minister from U.L.C and versed in demonology.  We do investigations and house blessings and clearings.  Very experienced with EVP recordings, and photography.

Oct 19

Grand Rapids Ghost Seekers

unnamed (1) Contact Name
Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
Phone (616) 635-6062
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Interviewing, investigations.  Our group has studied on demonology, theology, folklore, mythology. We can perform cleansings.

Sep 15

Jorge Poveda

NPS-Default Contact Name Jorge Poveda
Location Taos, New Mexico
Phone (915) 637-0713
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I specialize in breaking curses, exorcism, teaching & guidance.

Aug 12

Oklahoma Paranormal & Cryptozoological Society

images (1) Contact Name Robert Baker
Location Oklahoma
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Paranormal investigations, Demonology, Occult, Cryptozoology. Access to Wiccan priestess, and a Christian priest.

Jul 23

SVPRT, SWVA Paranormal Research Team

IMG_273204835572564 Contact Name Jonathan Meadows
Location Lebanon, VA
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Paranormal investigation
Spirit removal
Evp recording
Multiple video recording formats/ techniques

Jul 04

Lay Hill Paranormal Investigations Virginia

Lay Hill Paranormal Investigations Contact Name Art Miller
Location Luray Virginia and surrounding states
Phone (540) 742-5502
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Demonic and hauntings counseling cleansing and crystal work medium and empath work and teaching for those with abilities.

May 19

Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigations

Ottawa Paranormal Research & Investigations Contact Name John Moore
Location Ottawa, Canada
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Website www.ottawaparanormal.com/
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Our team deals in extreme negative and demonic cases.  We also consult and are able to help teams in all areas.  We have an orthodox Catholic bishop on our team as well as others able to help any one anywhere suffering from severe paranormal/demonic activity.   Through the bishop we are connected to a large order of exorcists in all areas for those that are suffering and in need of help.  Any individual or team looking for more information or help is welcome to contact us at any

Apr 23

Garden State Paranormal Investigators

Garden State Paranormal Investigations Contact Name Robert Machado
Location Union, NJ
Phone (908) 577-6602
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Website gardenstatepara.webs.com
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Paranormal Investigations, Research, Cleansing, Studying Demonology

Apr 02

Steven A. Katonka

StevenAKatonka-240x76-1 Contact Name
Location Ohio
Phone (216) 903-4090
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Website www.StevenAKatonka.com
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I specialize in demonic cases and have served the state of Ohio and the mainland United States since 2005.

Jan 03

R.A.P.S. Michigan

RAPS Contact Name Bradley Luoma
Location Detroit MI
Phone (734) 469-7910
Email email
Website redfordparanormal.wix.com/raps
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Demonic Infestation, Demonic Oppression, Demonic Possession.  We bless, cleanse and will perform rights of Exorcism (worst case scenario’s) for afflicted people.  Trained minister by the A.A.E. with blessings of the Church.  We do NOT Ghost Hunt, we remove the entities out of the home or lives of people.  Our group consists of 5 team
members currently to assist the Minister.  We will work all cases in a 6 state region from Detroit (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan).  We will travel to other states depending on the level of need.  We do NOT condone Psychic’s, Seances, Tarot Cards, Mediums or other Occult falseness.

Jan 03

GhostLand Society

GhostLand Society Contact Name Bob Jensen
Location Northern Illinois
Phone (847) 514-8709
Email email
Website ghostlandsociety.com
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Free service for investigations offered, dealt with demonic cases in the past. 24 years in the paranormal field, certified Thermographer.

Dec 11

Spirit Wind Paranormal Research

Spirit Wind Paranormal Research Contact Name Edward Jamison
Location Greenville, South Carolina
Phone (216) 280-2762
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Website spiritwindparanormalresearch.com/
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I am the founder of Spirit Wind Paranormal Reseasrch, our team is experienced in Demonology, psychic,perform blessings, closing portals,  house blessings, we teach classes on being a paranormal investigator.  We cover Cryptozoology, Bigfoot, urban legends, Ufology. We do voluntary investigations in NC. SC. TN. GA.  outside of these states we have to charge a travel expense to cover fuel expenses.

Nov 25

Demon of the month – November


From: Christianity and Judaism

Abaddon (Apollyon)

From Christianity and Judaism, Angel of death, destruction, and the netherworld. The name Abaddon is derived from the Hebrew term for “to destroy” and means “place of destruction.” Apollyon is the Greek name. In MAGIC Abaddon is often equated with SATAN and SAMAEL. His name is evoked in conjuring spells for mali- cious deeds. Abaddon is the prince who rules the seventh hierarchy of DEMONs, the ERINYES, or Furies, who govern powers of evil, discord, war, and devastation. Originally, Abaddon was a place and not an angel or being. In rabbinic writings and the Old Testament, Abad- don is primarily a place of destruction and a name for one of the regions of Gehenna (see HELL). The term occurs six times in the Old Testament. In Proverbs 15:11 and 27:20, it is named with Sheol as a region of the underworld. In Psalm 88:11, Abaddon is associated with the grave and the underworld. In Job 26:6, Abaddon is associated with Sheol. Later, Job 28:22 names Abaddon and Death together, implying personified beings. In REVELATION 9:10, Abaddon is personified as the king of the abyss, the bottomless pit of hell. Revelation also cites the Greek version of the name, Apollyon, prob- ably a reference to Apollo, Greek god of pestilence and destruction.

FURTHER READING: van der Toorn, Karel, Bob Becking, and Pieter W. van der
Horst, eds. Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible. 2nd ed. Grand Rapids, Mich.: William B. Eerdmans, 1999.

Nov 25

Demon of the month – December


From: Christianity


FALLEN ANGEL and the seventh of the 72 SPIRITS OF SOLOMON. In HELL, Amon is a strong and powerful marquis. He appears first as a wolf, but on a magician’s command, he will take on the shape of a man with a raven’s head and dog’s teeth. He accurately tells about the past and the future. He makes men and women fall in love with each other, and he settles disputes between friends and enemies. He rules over 40 LEGIONs of DEMONs.

Nov 25

Some signs of a Demonic Haunting

Alexander LaFountain

Alexander LaFountain

Sr. Director/Demonology Dept Chair at National Paranormal Society
Alexander LaFountain is a Demonologist based out of Texas. He was a member of Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations when he lived in Georgia and became a member of the Afterlife Research Team when he relocated to east Texas. He spent the last several years studying demonology and handling demonic based cases. He is also working towards becoming a Catholic Priest in the Independent Catholic Community.
Alexander LaFountain

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I have been asked a few times what constitutes a demonic haunting? How does a team of paranormal investigators going into a clients home, recognize demonic activity when it may be staring them straight in the face? How do we help those suffering from a demonic haunting? To be honest there are many things that could manifest in a demonic haunting of a home. Its important to understand that not every demonic haunting of a home is the same. They are all unique in their own way, though many cases exhibit some of the same signs found in other cases. Indeed the list below is comprised of some of the most commonly found symptoms in a demonic haunting. Its also very important that you understand, that this list is by no means an exhaustive list or a list that is meant to be the final authority on anything. This is simply a guide to help you identify what could be demonic. Its also crucial to note that not every symptom listed will manifest at a demonic haunting. Not ever haunting will have all of these symptoms and just because a haunting does feature maybe one or two of these symptoms, does not automatically mean its demonic. A good rule of thumb from my own experience with these situations, is that if the majority of these symptoms are present in a home, chances are good its demonic. If only one or two are present, its more then likely not demonic but some thing else entirely.

  1. Banging or knocking, some times in spurts of three

  2. People physically assaulted by an unseen force scratching, biting, punching, pushing, pulling, pinching, etc. Some times these physical assaults will happen in spurts of three such as three scratches, three punches, three bite marks, etc.

  3. Random fires start in odd places for no reason. Example, bathroom sink catches on fire with no logical explanation as to how that happened.

  4. Religious objects are destroyed, go missing, are defiled, or placed in positions that make a mockery of what they symbolize. For example, a cross with an image of Jesus Christ suddenly turns upside down with no logical explanation for that. Rosary beads are violently ripped apart during prayer or perhaps when left hanging on a wall, etc.

  5. When people in the home begin to pray activity manifests or increases to distract the people praying. People may be unable to pray or suddenly find themselves very ill during the prayer.

  6. Voices are heard speaking in what many have described as “inhuman tones” or voices are heard mocking, threatening, or insulting people in the home. These voices may be heard in the common language of the people in the house hold or some times spoken in other langues such as Latin, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, etc. May also speak in dead languages, though its very hard to actually recognize a dead language unless you have some sort of knowledge of it.

  7. Strange smells present themselves such as sulfur, the smell of some thing burning, urine, fecal matter, rotting flesh, sweet perfume like smells, etc. These some times manifest before or after some thing else happens.

  8. Items are thrown violently either at people or at random spots. These items are broken or damaged.

  9. Shadow people are frequently spotted through out the house.

  10. Children may start playing with “imaginary friends” who begin to reveal things that child could not have otherwise known such as the location of an unmarked grave, the details of a very old murder, an event about the future, etc. Often these imaginary friends soon turn on the child and the child will then report his/her friend being mean and becoming scary. The child also begins to express a personality different then his/her usual self because the imaginary friend told them to be bad or break rules.

  11. Apparitions of truly horrifying figures appear or have been seen.

  12. Apparent signs of summoning are present, such as a basement floor covered in a giant circle full of sigils commonly associated with demons.

  13. The members of the house hold begin to have frequent nightmares, often being the same nightmare over and over. Often these nightmares involve their death or the death of a loved one and some times features the same “being” in each dream. On rare occasions the same demon may appear in multiple peoples nightmare at the same time in the household.

  14. The personalities of the people inside the house begin to shift into a more depressed, easily angry, often violent state of mind with no medical explanation.

  15. Activity some times seems centered around one person or perhaps one more seems to be more affected then the rest which potentially leads from the stage of infestation towards oppression and ultimately possession. (Infestation means a demon is present causing trouble and trying to find a victim to oppress. Oppressed means some one is under the influence of a demon and is constantly assaulted by a demon, and finally possessed means a demon or demons have gone into a person to inhabit their body. Clergy is needed at this point.)

  16. Animals may react in unusual ways such as growling, hair standing up, and snarling or whining in a specific direction (as if responding to some thing there) where nothing is seen. Animals may also die suddenly with no logical reason as to their death. Example would be a dog with a clean bill of health from a vet, suddenly dying one night with other activity present.

  17. When Clergy enter the home, there is a sharp manifestation of activity or some one responds negatively (such as screaming swear words at the Clergy member with no provocation) to the Clergy being there. I once spoke with a Priest who told me about the time he entered a home with a possessed boy. The boy was upstairs with his door closed and the Priest was down stairs talking with the mother, then the boy spoke in a loud deep voice telling him to get out.

 As you can see this is a very lengthy list of symptoms. Remember that just because one or two symptoms from this list appear at a location, doesn’t automatically mean its demonic. Human spirits are capable of making knocking, banging, noises, are capable of speaking, are capable of moving objects, etc. Its important to observe and document as much of the activity as you possibly can, so that you can sit down and really look to see what is going on. Also please use common sense when investigating a place you think is demonic or the client says is demonic. Don’t walk in there screaming swear words at a potential demon or mocking it in an attempt to provoke a response. Such actions will potentially lead to danger both to the investigators and to the family of the home who may suffer after you leave. If you feel that at any point, a demon is indeed in the location, gather your team, get out and call a local Clergy member. Inform them of whats going, asking the clients if they would be open to a Clergy member coming to help them, and if they agree that a Clergy member is needed, try to get one to come out and help. I have shared evidence before with Clergy members on behalf of family members request, in order to get that Clergy member to come out and help. Do not attempt to take on a demonic spirit by yourself if you can help it. Above all, safety and common sense should rule.

Nov 25

Fallen Angels (Demons – Part 1)


David Scott / Religious Demonologist

The history of demons goes back to the beginning of time itself. Demons did not always exist however. They were created as angels before man was created. As angels they were good in nature just like all the others, as God intended them to be. However, pride led to the downfall of many of them. It was this pride that caused these angels to not only think but to even believe that they were equal to God Himself. It was this pride that caused them to think that they did not have to stay in their assigned roles or duties, and thus put themselves above God and rule over even Him (Jude 6). Lucifer, who was the leader of this rebellion, would become known as Satan and the angels that followed him became demons.

It is important to know and understand one thing before I go any further. God did not create evil, he can’t. God is pure, love, kindness, omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. There is nothing bad or evil about God, there is no darkness in Him what so ever, only light.

It was the pride of some of the angels that caused them to sin against God, thus causing some of them to be chained and cast into the pits of nether gloom to be kept until the last judgment of Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 2:4) However, not all of the demons were chained and committed to those pits after the rebellion. The other demons were cast out of the third Heaven which is also known as the heaven of heavens. This is where Jesus Christ ascended to and now sits and rules over all having all authority, power, and dominion. Thus they were removed from the presence of God and Jesus Christ until the last judgment.

Once they were cast from Heaven they lost a great deal of their powers as a part of their punishment. When it comes to their powers they still have more power against non Christians than they do Christians. For example, against a non Christian they can control, possess, deceive, blind them spiritually, and trap them. To a Christian they can tempt, harass, and deceive them at times but never control or possess them. Demons can possess people and animals only, not dolls like some people believe. People will often hear stories of possessed dolls and toys and it is believed because the doll or toy was said to have moved on its own. What’s happening in those stories is that the doll or toy is being manipulated by the demon, not being possessed. Demons can not possess inanimate objects.

It’s not just the powers and abilities of demons that are popular, it’s their appearance too. Demons have even found their way into medieval art. During that era they usually appeared as little black evil creatures or “imps” in paintings. Of course demons do not actually have material or physical bodies. They can appear as a black humanoid form, but they can not duplicate the human form perfectly. This is because demons never were human. It is more common for them to appear as a black mass, red mist, or orange mist. Although demons have no true form or body they will also appear in an ugly, grotesque form to scare the people they are appearing before. This is to initiate a reaction of fear. Fear is what a demon feeds off of because it makes them stronger. Demons can also appear in more friendly forms though to gain acceptance into a home or life. For example, demons can appear to very small children as another child to gain acceptance into the child’s life and home. This is where some children get their imaginary friends. This is also a good example of how they deceive people to get what they want.

As I have stated before, demons will do whatever they can to get what they want, nothing is beneath them. Until the final judgment of Christ they have nothing but time, and the wisdom of the ages to do whatever they can to try and destroy mankind and make him/her suffer as much as possible in the process.


Nov 24

Fallen Angels (Demons – Part II)


David Scott / Religious Demonologist

This article is a continuation of the first one that I wrote. In the first article I touched on some of the basics about demons, and their rebellion. In the first article I referred mostly to the demons that were cast out of Heaven in the rebellion with Satan and are now being kept in chains in the pits of nether gloom until the last judgment. That is the “Fallen Angels.” However that was only some of the demons. Not all of them were cast into pits of nether gloom and/or out of Heaven. I also went into a little detail about the appearance of demons. In this article I will be discussing the other demons, their kingdom, as well as one of the most popular misconceptions about them, which is their “names.”

The other demons that I’m referring to are the “free demons.” That is the one’s that are allowed to wander the earth with Satan stalking mankind. They are also known as the “principalities”, “powers of the air”, and “the powers of darkness.” It is these demons that still have access to the heavenlies, as well as the earth. These demons are the ones that seek to corrupt, possess, and destroy mankind. Before I go any further though I need to explain what I mean by the heavenlies. When Satan was cast out of heaven he was cast out of the third heaven also known as heaven of heavens. That is the Heaven where Jesus Christ ascended to and now sits ruling over all, and having all authority, power, and dominion. Satan was cast forever out of the presence of God until the last judgment, but, not out of Heaven completely. You have to remember that heaven itself is another realm, one that we can not see. Also, all demons are “Fallen Angels” there are just different ones.

Satan is of course the ruler of these demons, and has established a kingdom of his own. Just as there is a rank and order among the angels in Heaven that serve God and Jesus Christ there is a rank and order among the demons and their kingdom in serving Satan. Scripture indicates that there is a rank and order system among the demons when it refers to Abbadon. Abbadon is the ruler of the demons in the abyss. It is from this that we can reason that Satan has some type of ranking system within his kingdom, not to mention the fact that to assume that his kingdom and the demons that follow and serve him would be unorganized is not logical.

This is where we will get into the names of the demons. I’m sure most of you have come across websites that list all the names of known demons and their ranks. While some of the names you see are legitimate, you simply can not trust all of them. As a matter of fact, you can throw most of them out. The Bible does name some of the demons in scripture as do other ancient writings. The problem with trusting any other ancient writings is that they have been found to be inaccurate as well as contradict what the Bible teaches. It is for these reasons that the names of demons found in anything but the Bible simply can not be trusted. Having said that, that doesn’t mean you have to disregard what it says altogether because some of it could be true. You should just be mindful that it could also be wrong. Remember though that the Holy Bible is the ultimate authority and it will never mislead you. The fact of the matter is that most demons will take on the name of whatever they’re inflicting or doing at the time. I will list some of the names of demons found in the Bible below. Most of these are the “gods” and idols that the different cultures and people worshipped. Scripture indicates that it was actually demons that influenced this type of worship and activity.

Beelzebub (Satan)

Finally, I need to address an age old myth concerning the names of demons. That myth is that if you say or write the name of a demon you will be attacked. This stems from the old saying “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.” It is most unfortunate but there are some people that lead others to believe this. Saying or writing the name of a demon will not cause you to be attacked by one. It’s the fear and recognition that you are giving the demon that could cause an attack. Even then one would have to be around, and be strong enough to do anything. Not to mention several other things that would need to take place. I say the names of demons all the time, have just written a list of them above, and nothing happens.

In conclusion, there’s more to demons than most people realize. As I’ve said before, the only true way to correctly learn about demons and the demonic is through the Church, not your local library. Most of the websites on the internet that have information about demons are just not accurate or are completely wrong. The same goes for many of the books that have been written about demons. Unless you get your information through the Church, Seminary, or a Bible college you can not trust what is out there. Just like you shouldn’t believe everything you see and hear, you shouldn’t believe everything you read either.


Nov 05

Shadownight Paranormal Investigations

NPS-Default Contact Name Ryan Roberge
Location St Augustine, Florida
Phone (407) 459-3817
Email email
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We perform cleansings,blessings,other rituals when needed or asked.We use our psychic talents to figure out what is in the house,building or other places that we investigate,We investigate anyplace.We have one
who studies Demonology. We do try to help others learn about the paranormal so they will not be as scared or skeptic of it. We are friends with others in the paranormal community and we have been around since 2000’s.. We do take time to research places as well so we better understand what we are investigating when possible..We do not ask for money to do places but any donations are welcomed to help buy equipment and such.. We do our area and Central Florida and other… we are always up for more..

Jun 24


NPS-Default Contact Name Aaron Jameson
Location Metropolis, Illinois
Phone (270) 243-0332
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We specialize in demonology, aliens,ufo’s,legands,encounters,spirits,poltergeist ,orbs, sightings and anything else that may happen.

Jun 24

NJ Society for Paranormal Research

NPS-Default Contact Name Kevin R. Ranoldo
Location Clementon, NJ
Phone (609) 313-7119
Email email
Website www.njspr.org
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Demonic/Inhuman hauntings. NJSPR  investigators are trained to deal with the most dangerous of paranormal entities, the demonic. Demonologist and former pastor, Karl Weinke, leads the team during these intense investigations. We are fully equipped to perform home exorcisms and blessings of individuals. NJSPR exists to come to the aid of individuals who are being victimized by paranormal activity in their homes.

Apr 11

Intranormalogy Research Group

Intranormalogy Research Group Contact Name Theresa Byess
Location Fayetteville, NC
Phone (404) 769-5218
Email email
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Area of expertise:
Bachelors in Criminal Justice, 2 years completed to present
Experienced and resourceful researcher, demonologyAffiliate of:
The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential
Society for Scientific Exploration
Journal for Scientific Exploration
The Parapsychological Association
Fayetteville Paranormal Research Association
International Consciousness Research Laboratories
The Anomalist

National Paranormal Society
Fayetteville Paranormal Research Association
PRIDE Paranormal
(And hopefully the NPS as well…:)


I am an avid researcher and seeking certification in parapsychology. While I have never been on an actual investigation, I have been researching the “paranormal” since 1999.  In addition to being an experienced and resourceful researcher, I am also experienced with evidence analysis and all that that entails.

Nov 01

Third World Paranormal

Third World Paranormal Contact Name Destiny Gonzalez
Location Central Oklahoma
Phone (918) 608-4988
Email email
Website thirdworldparanormal.weebly.com
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We are a paranormal research and response team based in Central Oklahoma, although we are willing to travel. Our team focuses on collecting data from investigations, and also to help aide the clients. We investigate any claim of unexplainable phenomena: hauntings, dark cases including the demonic, ufology, cryptids, and anything in between. Our team does offer cleansings based on the type of haunting, and the level of the activity, we also cater to people’s respective religions when cleansing. Our team also have a few sensitives that we take with us, as well as outside psychic consultation. We do not charge for investigations, or to do cleansings. We enjoy helping people and take great pride in doing so!

Aug 25

Nocturnal Paranormal

Nocturnal Paranormal Contact Name Nocturnal Paranormal
Location Alton, Illinois
Phone (618) 876-9246
Email email
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Specialty: We are a small paranormal research group located out of Alton, Illinois dedicated to helping others and searching for that which goes bump in the night. We do residential locations and offer cleansings as well.
Not Given

Jul 26

Hunter Archive Text Repository and Entity Database Washington



Name:  Hunter Archive Text Repository and Entity Database or HATRED

Location:  Inland NW of USA

Email:  darms0717@gmail.com

Phone:  (509) 432-3747