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Aug 12

Oklahoma Paranormal & Cryptozoological Society

images (1)Name:
Robert Baker
Email: OKLAPCS@gmail.com
Location: Oklahoma

Paranormal investigations, Demonology, Occult, Cryptozoology. Access
to Wiccan priestess, and a Christian priest.

Jul 23

SVPRT, SWVA Paranormal Research Team

IMG_273204835572564Name:Jonathan Meadows
Website: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=225345944341258
Location: Lebanon, VA

Paranormal investigation
Spirit removal
Evp recording
Multiple video recording formats/ techniques

Jul 06

Grey Wardens International



Phone(510)985-WARD (9273)


The Wardens are an Office of the Grey Council created to address
issues of magickal malfeasance which many of us are increasingly being
called upon to deal with. These involve sorcery, hoodoo, and black
magick used in classic magickal bilko operations, extortions, cons,
manipulations, threats, blackmail, rip-offs, dominance, mind control,
rape, and other abuses. This is the sort of malevolent magick that the
old anti-Witchcraft and anti-fortune-telling laws were intended to
protect people from. Since the early ‘50s, as members of the Craft
began to identify as a religion, such laws have been progressively
struck down as infringement of religion on the basis of the 1st
Amendment. And in recent years an increasing number of magical con
artists have been extending the scope of their operations and
victimizations—to the detriment of the reputation of all magickal

As members of the Grey Council and other prominent magickal
practitioners are becoming increasingly well-known to the public (from
writing books, interviews, etc.), increasing numbers of such cases are
being brought to our attention by victims seeking our protection.
Since we all know each other, those of us who are being approached by
victims have over the past few years been talking together about these
issues and cases, and comparing notes. It soon became obvious that a
national (eventually international) coordinated effort is called for.

During the past year these conversations have crystallized in the
creation of the Office of Wardens under the aegis of the Grey Council,
and while we have not yet advertised the existence of the Wardens to
the wider magickal community, several GC members have already signed
on. While the Wardens are still just in the initial phase of
organization (developing purposes, functions, systems, recruitment,
and case reporting protocols), the emergence of this body is already
coming to the attention of some of our GSW DA majors who are eager to
get involved.

However, the Office of Wardens is NOT connected to the Grey School, or
under GSW authority in any way, nor is such connection implied.

We respond to and intervene in cases involving any of the following
kinds of threats.

Mystical Human Predators
Malevolent Coven or Group
Ritual Crime / Fraud
Metaphysical Environmental Issues
Entity Problems
Misfired Workings
Occult Related Mundane Threats
Untrained / Unshielded Talents Magicians
Unexplained Phenomena

Jul 04

Lay Hill Paranormal Investigations Virginia

Lay Hill Paranormal investigations Contact Name Art Miller
Location Luray Virginia and surrounding states
Phone (540) 742-5502
Follow Us  facebook
Demonic and hauntings counseling cleansing and crystal work medium and
empath work and teaching for those with abilities.

May 19

Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigations Canada International

Ottawa Paranormal Research & Investigations


Name: John Moore

Email: Ottawaparanormal@gmail.com

Website: Www.ottawaparanormal.com


Our team deals in extreme negative and demonic cases.  We also consult
and are able to help teams in all areas.  We have an orthodox Catholic
bishop on our team as well as others able to help any one anywhere
suffering from severe paranormal/demonic activity.   Through the
bishop we are connected to a large order of exorcists in all areas for
those that are suffering and in need of help.  Any individual or team
looking for more information or help is welcome to contact us at any

Apr 23

Garden State Paranormal Investigators

Garden State Paranormal Investigations

Name: Robert Machado

Email: Gardenstatepi@gmail.com

Website: gardenstatepara.webs.com

Phone: 908-577-6602

Location: Union, NJ

Paranormal Investigations, Research, Cleansing, Studying Demonology

Apr 02

Steven A. Katonka


Website: www.StevenAKatonka.com

Phone: 1-216-903-4090


I specialize in demonic cases and have served the state of Ohio and
the mainland United States since 2005.

Jan 03

R.A.P.S. Michigan


Bradley Luoma


Team, organization, or location name
United States



Detroit MI

Demonic Infestation, Demonic Oppression, Demonic Possession.  We bless, cleanse and will perform rights of Exorcism (worst case scenario’s) for afflicted people.  Trained minister by the A.A.E. with blessings of the Church.  We do NOT Ghost Hunt, we remove the entities out of the home or lives of people.  Our group consists of 5 team
members currently to assist the Minister.  We will work all cases in a 6 state region from Detroit (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan).  We will travel to other states depending on the level of need.  We do NOT condone Psychic’s, Seances, Tarot Cards, Mediums or other Occult falseness.

Jan 03

GhostLand Society

GhostLand Society Contact Name Bob Jensen
Location Northern Illinois
Phone (847) 514-8709
Email email
Website ghostlandsociety.com
Free service for investigations offered, dealt with demonic cases in the past. 24 years in the paranormal field, certified Thermographer.

Dec 11

Spirit Wind Paranormal Research South Carolina

Spirit Wind Paranormal Research

Name: Edward Jamison
Email: edjamison604@yahoo.com
Team, organization, or location name: spirit wind paranormal research
Website: http://spiritwindparanormalresearch.com/
Phone: 2162802762
Location: Greenville, South Carolina

I am the founder of Spirit Wind Paranormal Reseasrch, our team is experienced in Demonology, psychic,perform blessings, closing portals,  house blessings, we teach classes on being a paranormal investigator,
We cover Cryptozoology, Bigfoot, urban legends, Ufology. We do voluntary investigations in NC. SC. TN. GA.  outside of these states we have to charge a travel expense to cover fuel expenses.

Nov 05

Shadownight Paranormal Investigations

NPS-Default Contact Name Ryan Roberge
Location St Augustine, Florida
Phone (407) 459-3817
Email email
Follow Us  facebook
We perform cleansings,blessings,other rituals when needed or asked.We use our psychic talents to figure out what is in the house,building or other places that we investigate,We investigate anyplace.We have one
who studies Demonology. We do try to help others learn about the paranormal so they will not be as scared or skeptic of it. We are friends with others in the paranormal community and we have been around since 2000’s.. We do take time to research places as well so we better understand what we are investigating when possible..We do not ask for money to do places but any donations are welcomed to help buy equipment and such.. We do our area and Central Florida and other… we are always up for more..

Oct 04



MICHAEL LACARTE: mlacarte@yahoo.com

Team, organization, or location name: NEW YORK PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS

Phone: UNITED STATES 570-730-4335




Jun 24


NPS-Default Contact Name Aaron Jameson
Location Metropolis, Illinois
Phone (270) 243-0332
Email email
We specialize in demonology,
aliens,ufo’s,legands,encounters,spirits,poltergeist ,orbs ,sightings
and anything else that may happen.

Jun 24

NJ Society for Paranormal Research New Jersey


Kevin R. Ranoldo: njspr2010@gmail.com

Team, organization, or location name: NJ Society for Paranormal Research

Website: http://www.njspr.org

Phone: 609-313-7119

Location: Clementon, NJ

Specialties: Demonic/Inhuman hauntings. NJSPR  investigators are trained to deal
with the most dangerous of paranormal entities, the demonic. Demonologist and former pastor, Karl Weinke, leads the team during these intense investigations. We are fully equipped to perform home exorcisms and blessings of individuals. NJSPR exists to come to the aid of individuals who are being victimized by paranormal activity in their homes.

Apr 11

Intranormalogy Research Group North Carolina

Intranormalogy Research Group

Theresa Byess: azarene27@yahoo.com

Team, organization, or location name: Intranormalogy Research Group

Website: https://www.facebook.com/IntranmoralResearchGroup

Phone: 4047695218

Location: Fayetteville, NC

Specialties: Area of expertise

Bachelors in Criminal Justice, 2 years completed to present
Experienced and resourceful researcher, demonology

Affiliate of:

The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential
Society for Scientific Exploration
Journal for Scientific Exploration
The Parapsychological Association
Fayetteville Paranormal Research Association
International Consciousness Research Laboratories
The Anomalist

National Paranormal Society
Fayetteville Paranormal Research Association
PRIDE Paranormal
(And hopefully the NPS as well…:)

Future education goals, professional aspirations, and desired

Official membership with all of the organizations and associations
Parapsychology Degree, Rhine Education Center
Young Investigators Certificate of Completion, Society for Scientific
Consciousness and the Physical World Certificate of Completion,
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative


I am an avid researcher and seeking certification in parapsychology.
While I have never been on an actual investigation, I have been
researching the “paranormal” since 1999.  In addition to being an
experienced and resourceful researcher, I am also experienced with
evidence analysis and all that that entails.

Nov 01

Third World Paranormal Oklahoma

Third World Paranormal

Destiny Gonzalez: thirdworldparanormal@yahoo.com
Team, organization, or location name: Third World Paranormal
Website: http://thirdworldparanormal.weebly.com
Phone: 918-608-4988
Location: Central Oklahoma
Specialties:  We are a paranormal research and response team based in Central Oklahoma, although we are willing to travel. Our team focuses on collecting data from investigations, and also to help aide the clients. We investigate any claim of unexplainable phenomena: hauntings, dark cases including the demonic, ufology, cryptids, and anything in between. Our team does offer cleansings based on the type of haunting, and the level of the activity, we also cater to people’s respective religions when cleansing. Our team also have a few sensitives that we take with us, as well as outside psychic consultation. We do not charge for investigations, or to do cleansings. We enjoy helping people and take great pride in doing so!

Aug 25

Nocturnal Paranormal

Nocturnal Paranormal Contact Name Nocturnal Paranormal
Location Alton, Illinois and Killeen, Texas
Phone (618) 610-5647
Email email
Follow Us  facebook

Jul 26

Hunter Archive Text Repository and Entity Database Washington



Name:  Hunter Archive Text Repository and Entity Database or HATRED

Location:  Inland NW of USA

Email:  darms0717@gmail.com

Phone:  (509) 432-3747